Sulphur RecoveryTechnology

As a recognized world leader for sulphur-related projects, Worley has more than 60 years of experience in the development and application of sulphur removal technology and has two global sulphur technology centers of excellence in Monrovia (California) and London.Our projects have taken us across the globe with extensive experience in the US, Canada and Europe, and a notable presence in Japan, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and India, and the South Pacific. Our in-depth knowledge of gas treatment and sulphur removal covers everything from environmental protection, gas treatment and sulphur removal to sulphuric acid production and safe sulphur handling and storage, and we work across all industries, including oil, gas, upstream, downstream, minerals and metals, and power generation. This allows us to provide integrated solutions that cover the full asset lifecycle and meet product and environmental requirements at lowest cost.We offer best-in-class sulphur technology, including our own, with laudable achievements such as pioneering developments with original patents and proprietary technologies. We have knowledge gained from technology licensing, engineering and operations, even in extreme climates. We designed, licensed and built, with our partners, some of the world's largest Claus plants; we developed oxygen-enriched Claus technology and have designed large-scale sulphur plants with 100 per cent oxygen enrichment to minimize capital and operating costs. We have also designed plants to process very high ammonia feedstock.At Worley, we understand that the long-term health of a company is integral to the health of the environment in which it operates. In the light of governmental legislations and mandates for decreased sulphur emissions and lower levels of airborne pollutants, we understand the complex business priorities of sulphur recovery solutions against the multitude of technologies available. Our sulphur team can help customers navigate through the maze of choosing the best sulphur recovery of any available technology and the lowest utility usage and the lowest life cycle cost.No matter how big or small your project, we provide complete solutions to sulphur-related issues - including the resources infrastructure - to support your project from start to finish.