Gas ProcessingCapability and Experience

Worley is the global industry leader in the design and construction of gas processing plants. Through our work, we have achieved substantial cost savings for our customers. We have also addressed challenging field developments in demanding environments and remote locations.Worley provides end-to-end services to our customers and is able to help increase productivity and improve the performance of gas processing plants. We offer a full range of services including the marketing and distribution of products.We have supported gas development projects in diverse geographies from Middle Eastern deserts to the frozen landscapes in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. We help our customers achieve substantial cost savings, with experts who are able to help with strategies, technologies, functional requirement definition and plant configuration, as well as the removal of contaminants. We work closely with our customers to determine an optimum solution and maximize return on investment.Complete expertiseWe have a proven track record in the handling and removal of hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and organic sulphur compounds. We also understand the complexities associated with a wide range of gas sweetening techniques, so that we can guide our customers through the technology selection process, and implement their projects.Our gas processing and sulphur recovery specialists provide the best-value solution to sulphur-related issues in all industries, for all problems, including environmental protection, sulphur removal, smelter off gas cleaning, sulphuric acid production, and safe sulphur handling and storage.We understand that our customers face the challenge of stringent emissions requirements and the need to monetize challenging reservoirs.