Global Procurement

The right goods and services, at the right time, at theright quality, lowest total cost procured, and delivered and executedsafely and sustainably.
Worley works with customers around the world providing anintegrated procurement service through the global acquisition of bestpriced equipment, materials and services delivered on time to aprojects requirements, leading to the overall success ofproject’s large and small.
Drawing on our significant experience supporting customers in theAmericas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia Pacific, ourprocurement services provide a customized
solution to meet our customers’ specific requirements and reduce their costs and risks.
From day-to-day materials and long-term assets to complex services,such as logistics and huge modular construction projects, we deliver.
The right goods and services, at the right time, at the right quality,lowest total cost procured, and delivered and executed safely andsustainably. That sums up our approach to procurement, which issupported by having global reach, experienced and qualifiedprofessionals, proven processes and systems, and the know-how to makeit work.
We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with whoeverwants to listen. Our consultative and personal approach to customerrequirements ensures we provide a procurement solution that best suitseach customer - whether for a large or small project.

Global networks, local expertise for all your procurement needs

What we can deliver
Professional Resources
A resource pool of more than 1,200 mobile qualifiedprocurement professionals  experts in their fields — locatedin 157 permanent offices in 46 countries around the world.
Best-in-Class Systems and Tools
Worley materials management system is SmartPlantMaterials which integrates engineering and procurement data, materialand supply chain work processes to
help lower project costs and improve risk management for customers. OurContracts Administration Management System (CAMS) provides visibilityand opportunities to
identify cost savings, mitigate risk and improve compliance. TradeCompliance and Restricted Party Screening (TRADEWIZARD) provides secureand comprehensive
method of screening suppliers and other trading partners against allrestricted party lists from government institutions worldwide,preventing any illegal transactions
with restricted entities or trade parties and avoiding penalties.Worley’ global Supplier Portal is available to allpersonnel to find suppliers and see their capability and
performance history as well as alerts.
Proven Processes
Worley Enterprise Management System (EMS) intranettool delivers documentation to our global procurement community and islinked to our Worley
Project Management Process (WPMP) tool for project execution, providingrobust procedures, guidelines, templates, forms, checklists, promptlists and go-bys.

Capability overview
Inspection Services
Worley supports procurement, materials and engineering withefficient inspection services in China that are in  compliancewith purchase ordering and customer requirements. Our in-house andthird party Inspection Services teams
provide value through effective inspection planning, efficient testingand reporting methods, budgeting of resources to demand and providingassurance to the customer that the product meets their requirements.

Logistics and Export Compliance
Worley provides efficient, economic, and on timelogistics services. Our logistics experts routinely handle projectcritical
shipments encumbered with unique characteristics and demands. Theytypically cope with long-distance hauls, oversized cargo, perishableitems, fragile merchandise, hard-tohandle shipments, and time andsecurity constraints as well as the need to reach remote anddifficult-to-access locations. We employ innovative resources andtechnology to produce the appropriate solutions to be proactive inavoiding delays. Our logistics capability promotes excellence in globalproject execution by maintaining current
legal knowledge and advising procurement teams of applicable laws and regulations related to export compliance, etc.

Best Value Country Sourcing
Worley is able to integrate customerbusiness needs strategically into procurement processes. Long-standingrelationships with suppliers achieve ideal purchases through targetingvalue, product quality, and optimal logistics solutions to savecustomers time and money. Worley’ ability to efficientlysource anything a customer requires - anywhere - from highly trustedsources, enables Worley to meet our customers expectations and receive full sourcing and procurement support for all oftheir requirements. This full sourcing and procurement supportincludes: reduced costs of labor and material delivery using a focusedlow-risk acquisition process.

Systems and tools overview
Worley’ tools for procurement management areestablished on strategically located databases accessed byWorley and customer teams via servers or the web.
All systems are implemented using our established processes andmethodologies to assure successful application and compliance tonominated requirements. Standard
configurations are also used to ensure that data transfer interfacesare suitably maintained with other systems and nominated Workshareopportunities are available
as required.
SmartPlant Materials (SPM) provides proven material management workflow from preliminary design through detailed engineering, purchasing, construction
and operation support. Its flexibility and transparency makes itadaptable to meet multi-discipline work processes. SPM provides acommon collaboration platform and
workbench for all stakeholders involved in the supply chain management including;
Request for Quotation, Bid Evaluation, Purchase/Change Orders,Expediting, Transport and Logistics, Materials Control, Receipt,Warehouse Inventory Control and Issue, and
Invoice Reconciliation.
Supplier Portal is ourcentralized repository of Supplier and Contractor provided products,services, capabilities and experience for Worley to reference
worldwide. This information is used by our procurement, contracts andengineering teams as a primary source for information on Suppliers andContractors.
Trade Compliance Trade Wizard managesWorley trade compliance requirements via a database of globaltrade content for over 120 countries. The tools’
functionality includes; eligibility to conduct global tradetransactions, country product export/import criteria, trade licenses,customs/duties and preferential trade programs.
Restricted Party Screening (RPS)provides a secure and comprehensive method to quickly screen customers,suppliers and other trading partners against all restricted
party lists from government institutions worldwide. The use of thesystem prevents any illegal transactions with restricted entities ortrade parties and avoids penalties.
Additionally this significantly reduces our corporate risk, liabilityand exposure to prohibited transactions. RPS is able to screencustomers against over 115 government
issued denied party lists containing more than 120,000 restricted parties, entities, terrorists and debarred individuals.
Contract Administration Management System (CAMS) facilitates a global approach for contract management that supports the Worley contract management
processes. CAMS is a fully integrated contract management system thatmanages contract formation via standard or imported terms andconditions and the administration cycle including; amendments,progress, claims, back charges, reporting and compliance monitoringemployed by our procurement, contracts and engineering teams as aprimary source for information on Contractors.

EPC/EPCM Project Procurement Road Map

EPC/EPCM Project Contract Road Map

ProjectSupply Chain Road Map

You, the customer, are always our number one priority. We bring bestpractices from around the world and you receive consistent performancewhen moving your equipment and supplies anywhere in the world.
Technical expertise in lifting and moving modules and heavy equipment:
• Familiarity with governmental and safety requirements
• Feasibility studies (technical, cost, and schedule)
• Conceptual planning to incorporate transporting and lifting requirements
• Detailed engineering for transporting and lifting
• Logistics plans to coordinate and manage all activities
• Be your technical consultant during execution

Logistics and export compliance
Worley provides complete project logistics services for your project regardless of size.
Acting as your project logistics provider our international network ofpartners and carriers provides cost effective options for all your oiland gas, mining, power and infrastructure
project logistics requirements. Whether the assignment is the movementof module bases, compressors, turbines, pressure vessels, air coolers,subassemblies or bulk materials to a remote location, Worleylogistics teams will plan and manage your project from start to finish.However challenging the geography we work closely with the customer,and our engineering and heavy rigging and transportation teams, toensure that everything is planned, delivered and completed on time, toexact specifications and safely.
With a global reach and a proven system of single-point control, we canhandle all your logistics activities from beginning to end. Wecoordinate the flow of materials, handle
restrictions in difficult or remote areas, manage site operations,provide flexible options and stage supply lines to meet exactingdeadlines. Our knowledge of the industry,
combined with established relationships, means your equipment andsupplies, bulk or packaged goods, and heavy lift transports aredelivered where you need them, when
you need them. We provide efficient and cost-saving solutions. Our portfolio of services includes:
• Warehousing and Distribution
• Air, Sea and Road Transport
• Export Compliance
• Line Item Material Tracking
• Export Packing – Domestic and Foreign
• 24-hour Site Management
• Customs Clearance
• Camp Management and Catering Services

Best value country sourcing
Global sourcing has alwaysbeen an issue of uncertainty, primarily due to the fact thatcross-border sourcing decisions have required a multifactorial in-depthanalysis and approach.
Labor costs, logistical infrastructure, local, cultural, legal andpolitical characteristics, compliance, and risk management issues arejust some examples of factors we take
into account. Our approach to sourcing is called Best Value CountrySourcing (BVCS) based on the insight that labor cost and productquality are just two aspects that need
to be considered. However, other factors like management costs, supplyguarantee, IP protection, sustainability, and supplier reliability havetaken on greater relevance plus
value creation through innovative sourcing and partnerships withsuppliers. Tough global competition and a scarcity of naturalresources, and in turn the need to reduce
costs and raise efficiency for our projects, means procurement is seenas a value driver and value creator. Our product and service offeringsare designed to achieve customer
objectives, while our China sourcing hub sources equipment andmaterials for local and international customers. Our agile operatingmodel can be adjusted to variations in size
and workload to help achieve cost savings.