Global Coal Capability & Experience

We understand and provide services throughout the complete coal chain,from the mine site to ship loading. This provides numerous potentialbenefits to Worley’ customers in terms of project designand continuity, lower costs and fewer delays –a significantsource of competitive advantage.

Mining & Processing
Our integrated team is structured to successfully manage smallerstudies and projects through to delivering large scale developmentsdrawing on local knowledge with the resources of a global firm. Thiscombination results in being responsive to our customers’preferences, and developing solutions tailored to our customers’business objectives. Our team has
expertise in geology, mine design and scheduling, coal processing, mining and geotechnical and mine economics.

Mine design and scheduling
• Development of mine design criteria
• Preparation of digital three dimensional mine designs in specialist software
• Pit optimization with three-dimensional expert software
• Scheduling of mine designs according to Mine Design Criteria and reporting of tonnages
and qualities according to the block model
• Generation of dynamic graphical production and development schedules to
visualize development and coal deposit depletion
Coal processing and handling expertise
• Collate and interpret available process data, determine suitability and variability
 of data for insertion into the plant design criteria
 • Determine if any further test work or bulk sample test work is required for
 further plant design or variability studies
• Determine the correct flow sheet for the coal quality
• Materials handling – conveying, stacking, storage, reclaiming and sampling
• Crushing
• Classification – screens and cyclones
• Dense medium separation – drums, baths and cyclones
• Dense medium make-up and recovery plants
• Fine coal flotation
• Gravity concentration – spirals, jigs
• Dewatering – thickeners, screens, filter plants, centrifuges, driers
• Tailings disposal
• Utility plants
Mining engineering and geotechnical engineering
• Mining method selection including technology selection
• Mining method and technology trade-off  studies and ranking by
 expert models
• Development of project specific quality, mining and financial equations
• Multi-disciplinary feasibility studies and project implementation management
• Sequencing of mining to optimize coal deposit extraction
• Ventilation circuit design, including fan duty determination
• Underground support design
• On-mine fall-of-ground and slope failure investigations
Mine economics and financial valuation
• Participation in techno-economic audits and due diligence
• Cut-off quality calculations for purposes of reserve statements
• Budget cost estimation by means of zerobased and benchmarking methods
• Discounted cash flow modelling and financial analysis
Supporting Transport Infrastructure
Worley has specialist knowledge enabling us to provideintegrated planning, simulation, engineering and project managementservices for entire networks, corridors, or specific facilities such asstations, workshops, yards, intermodal terminals and ports.

Marine and Coastal Facilities

From port site selection for greenfield projects to ongoing upgradesand optimization work to existing facilities, Worley offers arange of engineering services. Our
diverse marine capability and understanding of complete portrequirements; and environmental, coastal and geotechnical constraints,enables consistency and predictability in project delivery.
In delivering engineering, procurement and construction services, weprovide the flexibility to serve as the sole supplier, work as aproject partner / subcontractor, or contract services
locally. Our flexibility in project delivery is demonstrated by workingin formalized joint ventures, consortia and partnering agreements.

Heavy Haul Rail

Worley has a diverse team of rail engineers with practicalindustry experience. We deliver whole-of-life rail solutions fromproject initiation providing strategic and
business consulting advice, management consulting on operations,conceptual designs, detailed engineering, procurement and deliverymanagement, commissioning and
ongoing operational support in the three key railway sectors:
• Infrastructure
• Operational systems
• Rolling stock

Environment and Society

Worley is a leading provider of professional services inenvironmental management and social responsibility for our resourcesand energy customers - capable of supporting them wherever they chooseto operate.
Worley provides a complete approach to a customer’sinterfaces with the natural, physical, social, cultural, regulatory andbuilt environments.
The enabling work of our Environment & Society teams, help our customers:
• Effectively engage with communities to build and maintain trust, and enable them to benefit from development
• Develop and operate mines, facilities, and infrastructure with sensitivity to environmental, social and cultural values
• Successfully gain project approvals in least time and with practical conditions of approval
• Seek opportunities to continually improve the environmental performance of their operations
• Plan and execute decommissioning, mine closure and restoration projects
• Assess the liability of accumulated wastes and legacy assets
• Plan and perform ongoing statutory assessments and monitoring for their assets

Return on Investment –Fast delivery with proven existing designs allows for confident earlydecision making which will deliver benefits sooner, at a lower cost.Project attributes are more quickly optimized for cost, schedule andperformance.
Cost Savings – a balanceof local knowledge and capable low cost execution centres provides verycost effective solutions without compromising quality. The location ofHigh Value Execution (HVE) centres in areas where global sourcing isactive allows savings by directly specifying known low cost materialsin initial designs.
Modularization with fabrication in capable low cost yards reduces theneed for costly and often scarce onsite resources and infrastructure.
Schedule Focused – recentreference projects hold our accumulated experience for a range ofproject execution options. This allows fast comparison between projectoptions,
preparation of initial concepts and estimates, and confident projectsubmissions and approvals. Detailed design progresses quickly withrefinements performed by a large, well-trained workforce.
Quality Assured – designreviews involve relevant specialists from our Centres of Excellence.Projects and components are delivered to the approved design.Pre-qualification of suppliers, site visits by cross functional teamsenriches quality. Accredited inspectors work within an advanced qualitysystem using a structured management tool.
Access to Technology –Our Centres of Excellence accumulate our experience which is sharedbetween offices. Lessons learned are built into our knowledge systemsand management processes.
Predictability – Usingproven and reliable designs, and established suppliers minimizes therisk of unexpected problems. Robust risk based management processes andsystems, across all functions, ensures all aspects of a project havethe right degree of control.