Heavy Oil Capability and Experience

Decades of practical experience, while bringing innovation and continuous improvement to our customers' heavy oil and oil sands projects, has made Worley the preferred supplier of services.We are recognized by the industry for our technical expertise, low-cost solutions and patented technologies in project developments. We support our customers in extending the life and maximizing the residual value of heavy oil and oil sands assets, and use best-in-class processes that allow complex decisions and capture learnings from one project to the next. We also offer a range of services, new technologies and a variety of heavy oil projects in Canada and beyond.Our WorleyCord Group has been leading industrial construction in Canada for more than 41 years. The group operates from the Edmonton office location and has two modularization yards in Alberta, and provides skilled trades personnel for fabrication, module assembly and field construction of heavy-industrial projects across western Canada. WorleyCord is now taking its extensive experience to the Middle East and is establishing an office and employees in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with our team there.Heavy oilWe have a significant market share of heavy oil project execution including fabrication, module fabrication and direct hire construction. We have also developed a wide range of innovative and industry-leading, low-cost solutions for our customers, including thermal in-situ techniques, standard heavy oil well pad and central plant designs, and low-cost produced water treatment processes. Our customers benefit from our ability to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for their economic and social requirements, based on our deep experience, and continuous improvement and innovative approach to designs, environment footprint reduction, project delivery and execution. We are at the forefront of helping break the barriers to change and have been recognized by the industry for bringing innovation, new technologies and adopting best practices from across other chemical industries into the heavy oil sector.Oil sandsFor our oil sands projects, we help our customers minimize installation costs for new projects. Our broad subject-matter expertise in mineable oil sands has helped customers deliver successful profit-enhancement programs across the full value chain of the asset.Customers can also benefit from our full-service environmental and infrastructure advisory services. We offer support throughout the entire project lifecycle. We help obtain permits and approvals for new projects, manage water resources and tailings for existing, operating assets and reclaim land after operations cease. Through Advisian Digital we have the digital systems, tools and products with which customers can gain real insight and create value from their data.