Program Management Solving customer challenges for large and complex programs

Results for our customers
Solving customer challenges for resources, experienced staff, and proven management systems for large and complex programs, our services include:
• Program Organization and Reporting Services
• Program and Portfolio Planning Services
• Contract Management Support
• Engineering Oversight
• Construction Oversight
Program Management Services
Large and complex programs present challenges in coordination, consistency, information / data volume, and priority. Customers are faced with numerous management and technical actions and decisions at various levels that rely on integration and reliable response. Our customers for program management services can benefit from our capabilities such as resources for integration and reliable response, staff with needed management and technical experience, and proven systems for coordination, prioritization, and data management.
Program organization and reporting services
• Common plans, procedures,
communications, and reporting
• Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) performance requirements
• Quality management system (QMS)
• Regulatory requirements and commitment tracking
• Waste management and tracking
• Earned value management
• Program document control
• Asset management
Program and portfolio planning services
• Program/project risk management
• Program/project cost estimating
• Program and portfolio prioritization
• Program master scheduling
• Scope and work breakdown structure (WBS) development
• Portfolio sequencing and funding forecasts and tracking
• Authorizations and obligations tracking
• Construction planning and logistics
Contract management support
• Procurement and contracting
• Contract management
• Change management
• Warranty service and clams management
• Contract closeout
Engineering oversight
• Basis of design and WBS functional requirements
• System specifications and technical work scopes
• QMS review and approvals for technical compliance
• Schedule progress verification
• Review and verify invoices
• Design interface management
• Operating and maintenance requirements and documents
• As-built documents
Construction oversight
• HSE implementation and ensure compliance
• QMS and quality review, audit, and ensure compliance
• Submittal reviews and review of value alternates
• Review of materials and waste management and quality control
• Work progress verification
• Interpretation of design
• Review and verification of invoices
• Manage construction interfaces
• Project turnover and closeout