Waste Management Capability & Experience

Worley has established a reputation for providing innovative, cost-effective and long-term environmental engineering solutions to waste managementproblems ranging from non-hazardous industrial, municipal and mining waste to highly hazardous or problematic waste.
We are the right choice for your integrated waste management and offer:
• A flexible, phased approach developed at the start of projects to reduce up-front costs and project uncertainty related to waste management.
• Regional waste specialists who are knowledgable of up to date regulatory requirements and compliance issues, supported by our global waste practice experts.
• Comprehensive project support by an international team that is fully integrated across disciplines and accurate interfacing and compatibility between industrial facility systems
to save time and avoid costly re-work.
• Waste specialists with a broad knowledge of all commercial waste-to-energy technologies allowing customers to make informed decisions regarding various options for
power development.
• Close cooperation between technical design and environmental management. This reduces the risk of incompatible technical design and environmental requirements
and allows for efficient and cost-effective management of the environmental and permitting demands.
• Industry-leading insight into project risk identification and mitigation analysis to increase certainty of critical decision making points that impact project performance,
schedule, and financing viability.
• Senior waste engineers and scientists that can provide state-of-the-art designs for waste management facilities through the inputs provided by teams of experts in
geotechnical and civil engineering, geophysics, hydrogeology, hydrology, soil science, and geochemistry.
environmental staff
800+ waste management projects

Integrated waste management
Worley delivers complete life cycle integrated waste management solutions, beginning with a waste management options analysis and waste facility siting, design, and regulatory licensing. Our engineers provide the engineering, procurement and construction supervision for:
• Commercial (hazardous or non-hazardous), municipal and industrial landfills, temporary strorage and waste handling areas, and transfer facilities.
• Water-wastewater treatment facilities
• Solid waste treatment and composting facilities
• Water recycling facilities
• Mine waste dumps
• Early conceptual studies - providing advice to organizations for the right selection and understanding of the issues that they face with waste management
Our waste management programs include human and ecological risk assessment, risk modelling, and environmental monitoring of soil, groundwater, and surface water near
waste handling and disposal sites. We excel in the establishment, operations enhancement, site remediation, and facility decommissioning, and in the delineation and assessment of
abandoned or damaged landfills.
15,000+ environmental projects completed worldwide

Waste management capabilities
Global/local project delivery- Worley features experts in waste management from our pool of truly world-class talent. Our international project team allows us to provide customers with accurate benchmarking based on our knowledge of waste management practices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and throughout the Middle East.
Exceptional staff experience - Worley’ international waste management expertise is fully integrated across disciplines to offer comprehensive project support.
Strong project management systems - Worley provides thorough work plans backed with strong project management systems so that customers can be confident that routine and non-routine tasks will be completed on-time and within the established budget.
Cost efficiencies - Project costs are minimized by combining site activities whenever appropriate and by utilizing trained waste specialists who are prepared to implement monitoring and maintenance tasks in the most effective and time-efficient manner possible.

Division services

Worley’ waste management practice has extensive experience allowing us to provide our customers with integrated, sustainable and reliable project solutions throughout the asset life-cycle.
Waste Management
• Integrated waste management planning
• Waste management licence applications
• Design of landfills, processing and conversion plants
• Design of waste drop-off facilities and transfer stations
• Waste transportation
• Auditing of Waste Management Systems
• Composting and recycling
• Public and private partnership investigations
Environmental Engineering
• Water management implementation plan
• Stormwater master plans and control measures
• Design of polluted water collection, treatment and reuse facilities
• Data management services
• Geographic Information Systems
• Spatial analysis
• Mapping
• Database/software development
• Remote sensing
• Field data collection support
• 3D visualisation and presentation
• Automated Alignment Sheet generation
• PODS development for pipeline projects
• Data modelling
• Real time data capture
Environmental Management
• Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
• Integrated environmental management plan (IEMP)
• Environmental management programs (EMP)
• Environmental management systems (EMS)
• Land capability assessments
• Closure cost models
• General management services
- Environmental Legal Audits
- Mining Authorisations
- Environmental Management Systems (EMS, ISO14001)
- Project Risk Management
• Environmental screening
• Environmental project management
• Environmental specialist management
• Water use licensing
• Blue and green drop management
Environmental, Social & Health Impacts
• Environmental Impact Assessments
- Application for Exemption
- Basic Assessment
- Full Environmental Impact Assessment
• Environmental Monitoring and Auditing