Aluminium Capability and Experience

Worley is recognized as one of the aluminium smeltingindustry’s technical strongholds. Our expertise is evidentthrough our major projects, multiple operating alliances and specialistservices.
Our engagement with operating plants and our strategy of recruiting experienced engineers with an operating plant background gives us a deep understanding of plant operations and allows us to provide tailored, value adding project outcomes that are consistent with global best practice.
We provide services from preliminary evaluation and conceptual design through to FEED, specialist consulting, detailed design and EPCM to aluminium smelters around the world.
Worley’ services to the aluminium industry include:
• Specialist Aluminium Capabilities
• Major Projects
Brownfields asset support services, portfolio management and upgrade projects
Worley is an experienced engineering service provider in both green and brownfield projects. We understand the individual requirements of projects and have the capability, experience, project delivery systems, and resources to execute projects in either environment.
Worley has specialist experience in aluminium reduction, carbon plant, rodding, casthouse and power supply. The Geelong Aluminium Center of Excellence acts as a hub to support our Aluminium customers and projects world wide. This has attracted a number of key specialists to Geelong where their expertise is applied across a variety of projects.
Worley promotes and has formalized joint ventures, consortiums and partnering agreements to respond more effectively to our customers’ needs.

350+ people in aluminium projects
100+ specialist engineers and designers
19+ years servicing the aluminium industry

Specialist Aluminium Capabilities
The Aluminium Technical Center coordinates specialist capabilities toWorley’ aluminium smelting customers and supports thevarious operating alliances and projects globally.
By providing operations and maintenance services, plant upgradeprojects, and new asset design to customers over many years,Worley has built specialist capabilities and experience withinthe aluminium smelter industry which won’t be found with otherengineering services providers. Our strong working knowledge ofoperating assets, plant layout, and detail design capability allows usto offer customers tailored solutions that meet their required businessoutcomes. A key factor in providing these outcomes is our ability towork effectively with our customers in integrated project teamsallowing ongoing communication throughout the project.
Worley Select
Selectrecognizes that making the right decisions during the initial stages ofa project is essential to maximize the ultimate business outcome and isan integral part of the Worley global project deliverycapability. Selectprovides pre-FEED (Phase 1 and 2) advice utilizing Worley‘real world’ experience in total project delivery, assetoperation and industry best practice. This dependable advice enablescustomers to be confident that the critical decisions made in theconceptual stages of a project will satisfy their ultimate businessobjectives. Specific areas of expertise include:
New facility development -providing high-level strategic planning and option selection for majorand incremental opportunities through innovative option selection.
High value consulting services - Select provides advice to asset owners, banks and governments based on a thorough understanding of the business value chain.
Financial and Economic Analysis- by accessing our global database of major capital projects customerscan support their decisions with accurate and reliable data.
Innovative Design Solutions
In many brownfield situations, cost effective solutions to productionproblems are not available off the shelf. Worley has a proventrack record in developing customized solutions through its in housemachine design capability. Worley specialist design capabilitybuilds on in depth knowledge of smelter operations and couples it withour machine design skills available through the Geelong office of theAluminium Center of Excellence.
Our objective is to always provide the most effective solution byworking in an integrated manner with the customer to ensure capture ofpast operations and maintenance experience. Integration of the newplant into existing operations is a core competency. In many cases thechoice of solution is driven largely by the ability to implement thesolution in an operating plant without risk to process or personnel. Asmany of our staff have an operating plant background we understand whatis important to successfully integrate a new facility into an operatingplant.

Capacity Creep Projects
Capacity creep projects invariably involve incrementalchanges across the plant. Worley has a rigorous approach foridentifying all necessary changes required and the order in which theymust be deployed to achieve increased production targets.Worleyhas been involved in several plants where additional production throughincreased line amperage is being
pursued. Such changes affect all aspects of the plant. We have reviewedthe throughput and reliability of the systems and proposed costeffective changes that limit the risk associated with these projects.Importantly we prioritize the changes to deliver incremental benefitsand avoid long shut downs.
Consultancy Based Smelting Know How
Worley’ customers rely on our Aluminium smeltingexpertise to correctly identify the best opportunities for meetingtheir business goals. Our people have a deep understanding of thesmelting process, the technology options, industry suppliers andproject delivery. This understanding has been gained from executing abroad range of projects, familiarity with many sites
and operational experience. This allows us to identify and address rootcauses, optimize project outcomes from a whole-of-plant perspective andavoid pitfalls. Clear identification of the scope of work, withbrownfields cost estimating, leads to stronger business cases.Worley support our customers in understanding and communicatingthe rationale underpinning proposed
changes to the plant.
Integration of Brownfields Solutions
Execution of projects in a brownfields operating plantinvolves management of additional risks and challenges and constraintsthat are often not evident for a greenfield project.Worley’ aluminium group has a heritage of deliveringprojects into this challenging environment. In particular projectestimating, scheduling, shutdown planning, upgrade engineering, control& automation are skills well honed through our brownfields project heritage.
New Technology Development
Customers have selected Worley to assist in theirinhouse technology development programs. Among others, this has lead tothe design of 6 aluminium reduction cells and Comalco’s Hot ButtCleaning process. Worley contributes its broad experience ofgetting things to work and seeks practical implementations of newideas. We performed this work on rates based contracts so that the customer owned the resulting technology.
Major Projects
Our teams execute projects on behalf of our customers utilizing established, proven, integrated project management systems and applications to plan, monitor and control project cost and schedule. The work process is supported by global telecommunications and network systems and advanced design modeling capability, all of which can be customized to interface with customer systems, suppliers, sub contractors and consultants, thus providing an integrated collaborative communication network for the execution of EPCM and
Project Management Services.
Worley has developed a suite of business processes to define and control the manner in which it delivers Project Management services. The Worley Project Management Process (WPMP) is a structured approach to delivering projects and is aligned with the approaches typically used by many of our major customers. The WPMP systematically guides experienced project management people through a consistent set of processes. It breaks down a  project lifecycle into 5 phases, in which Front End Loading (FEL) is a major cornerstone.
Worley’ ability to execute major aluminium projects is complemented by the operational expertise of our people and the specialist services we offer.
During the design and construction of a new asset, the experience of our people can be drawn upon to improve its operational performance, operability and maintainability. Through careful specification and innovative packaging real value can be created for our customers.
Worley has established systems for work sharing across its global network of offices. This allows the project team on site to be supported by aluminium experts and our High Value Engineering Centers (HVE). Our global procurement systems also allow materials and equipment to be sourced at competitive prices wherever they can best reduce project costs.

- Long Term Services Contracts
Worley’ Improve is a core service for Brownfield operations focused on the delivery of:
• Major projects
• Upgrade, de-bottlenecking and maintenance projects
• Project portfolio management and support services to sustain assets and improve business performance.
Using the knowledge accumulated from over 260 international alliances or long-term contracts, we have developed a culture and a suite of:
• Unique tools
• Systems
• Delivery methodologies that incorporate industry best practice.
We have strong industry-specific knowledge and a track record of success using our performance-based, relationship contracting model. The trust that this generates enables Worley to deliver maximum value to customers using local teams, supported both regionally and globally.
Worley has approximately 11,500 people working in over 260 alliances executing more than 20,000 projects annually with a capital value in excess of USD 4 billion.
Our Improve projects and asset services activities generated an estimated total value to our customers in excess of USD 6 billion last year.
Project execution in a brownfield environment requires a different set of skills to cope with the greater complexity of making changes to an operating plant.
Communications to all project stakeholders are essential to minimize the impact to production, and avoid introducing new problems. Broad understanding of the
underlying process through operational experience, coupled with brownfield estimation skill and shutdown planning leads to projects that are better defined and aligned with the anticipated business outcomes. Worley workshare systems ensure that relevant expertise can contribute to projects regardless of their location.