Pyrometallurgy  Capability & Experience

Results for our customers
Worley has a proven track record, delivering over 600 smelterprojects globally. As a global company, we continue to hold a prominentposition in the minerals and metals industry, delivering onmega-projects involving feasibility, design, procurement, andconstruction management.

For over 20 years, customers have trusted Worley to design systems that efficiently process their valuable metals.
Our industry-leading specialists have designed and delivered many of the world’s most complex pyrometallurgy facilities.
We have people with years of operations experience.
We ensure that all our customers’ processing needs are successfully met through our years of hands-on knowledge
and expertise encompassing all major smelting processes.
Worley has particular expertise in pyrometallurgical processes such as:
• Dryers
• Fluid bed roasters and reactors
• Kilns and rotary hearth furnaces
• Smelting furnaces
• Electric arc furnaces
• Flash furnaces
• Top Submerged Lancing (TSL)
• Noranda/El Teniente smelting vessels
• Peirce-Smith converters
• Anode furnaces
Our experience and knowledge in pyrometallurgical plants translates into all areas of our work including technology
development, pilot plant and test assistance, engineering design, commissioning, start-up, operation, debottlenecking,
and maintenance. With extensive knowledge of the complex metallurgical processes, our specialists thoroughly
understand the importance of process evaluation and optimization, and cost savings to our customers’ operations.
Capability overview

Minerals, Metals & Chemicals

Worley’ specialists have a thorough understanding of market analysis, financial modelling, technology selection,
greenfield site selection, approvals management, new plantconfiguration, existing plant optimization, and the development of thedetailed project realization methodologies.
Feed Handling & Preparation
Worley has proven success in delivering practicalsolutions for difficult material handling issues with concentrates,covering all climates and levels of plant sophistication.

Smelter Feed Systems
From test work required to confirm material properties to optimum feed delivery and overall system effectiveness,
Worley’ smelting team understands the issues associated with delivering feed to various systems, and ensures
optimal furnace performance.

Primary Offgas Handling
Smelting of sulphide ores generates significant amounts of offgas containing sulphur dioxide.
Efficient capture and cooling of offgas has become a critical aspect of modern smelting operations. Worley has
over 20 years of primary offgas handling experience and has been recognized for delivering innovative solutions for offgas

Sulphuric Acid Plants
Worley’ experience in the engineering of sulphuric acid plants is backed by our global sulphur management
team. Together, we cover the full spectrum of sulphuric acid plant services — from conceptual studies and operational
troubleshooting to owner’s
engineering roles

Secondary Gas Handling
Secondary gas collection in smelters is becoming more important — especially for environmental security.
Worley has significant project experience in the secondary gas collection and cleaning field, offering customers
industry leading personnel with operating and troubleshooting expertise.

Smelter Effluent Treatment
Smelter effluent and waste treatment is paramount for the successfuloperation of a smelter. Whether a greenfield or brownfield effluenttreatment plant, Worley’ specialists can take any projectfrom concept and testing, through engineering, plant commissioning, andhand-over.

With a focus on project viability assessment and development of concept selection, Worley’ team supports decision making on critical front-end planning issuesthat enhance project outcomes and meet our customers’ ultimatebusiness objectives.
Our specialists have a thorough understanding of the total businessvalue chain including market analysis, financial modelling, technologybench scale and pilot plant testing, greenfield site selection,approvals management, new plant configuration, existing plantoptimization, and the development of detailed project realizationmethodologies. The combination of strategic frontend planning skillsand extensive project execution capabilities, together withtechnological and commercial neutrality, differentiates WorleyMinerals, Metals & Chemicals Select as a leader in the consultingmarket.

Feed Handling & Preparation
Feed handling and preparation is critical to the success ofpyrometallurgical operations. Worley ensures that the necessarytime and resources are devoted to this stage for our customers toexperience its long-term operational benefits.
Worley’ experience covers the handling and preparation ofa wide range of ores and concentrates in some of the harshest climaticconditions. This familiarity allows our team to draw upon theirknowledge and effectively solve such challenges during the design ofthe feed handling and preparation stage.
Feed reception, offloading, storage, preparation & delivery
Worley completed the conceptual, basic and detailed engineeringof Kansanshi Copper Smelter’s feed system which handles all bulkmaterials for smelter’s operation. The system included truckweigh scale and concentrate receiving facility; 30,000 t concentrateblending, storage and reclaim covered facility; concentrate screeningand recirculation
system; concentrate and reagents day bins facilities; feed systems forISASMELT™ furnace, matte settling electric furnace (MSEF), andfour Peirce-Smith converters;
ISASMELT™ dust recycle system;  reverts crushing andscreening plant; and silica crushing, screening and wash plant. Thisproject was a significant achievement being a
complex and all-encompassing feed system for a greenfield smelter.

Smelter Feed Systems
Feed delivery to the furnace is an important variable for itsstableoperation, and depending on the furnace technology, different keyparameters must be met. Worley works closely with smelteroperators to develop and improve current smelter feed systems. Inconjunction with a good feed preparation system, the final delivery offeed to the furnace is
critical to ensure optimal process control. Our pyrometallurgy teamunderstands that different systems bring specific benefits to ourcustomers’ operations. We have experience in the design,operation, and construction of various feed systems – frommechanical to pneumatic. Worley works with customers to identifythe optimum system for their project, based on furnace technology,technical capability of operating personnel, and the value of the finalproduct.

Feed Treatment
Feed treatment is a critical procedure in the transformation of oresand concentrates to produce valuable final or intermediate products.Feed treatment involves phase transformations that include dryers formoisture removal, fluid bed roasters for sulphur removal, or controlledatmosphere kilns for reduction or oxidation of materials.
Worley has global expertise in the area of feed treatment andcan adapt this experience to new and innovative treatment processes.Our experience covers the full range of base metals.

Molten Material Handling
Worley’ pyrometallurgical team has significant practicalexperience in molten material handling. Our expertise encompasses avariety of approaches throughout the design process including fluidflow and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). We cover the full designprocess including launder design, matte and slag granulation systemdesign,
tapping floor layout, and optimization.
Safe and reliable molten handling is imperative for all smeltingoperations regardless of the material smelted. Transfer of materials toother furnaces or solidification of the molten stream are keyactivities that must be thoroughly understood in order to ensuresuccessful project outcomes. Worley’ relevant experienceand pyrometallurgy experts bring valuable knowledge to ourcustomers’ projects. The key is to ensure that safety andintegrity of the operation are maintained during all molten metaltransfers and state changes.

Sulphuric Acid Plants
Sulphuric acid plants are a significant component of the totalcapital expenditure of a base metals smelter. Worley understandsthat correct acid plant sizing and operational
parameters ensure our customers achieve the required performance fromtheir acid plants. Our expertise covers sulphuric acid plant design,project management, operation, and
troubleshooting – independent of industry technology suppliers.By working solely on behalf of our customers, Worley is able tosuccessfully evaluate a technology
and process that will maximize the benefits to our customers.
Acid Plant Expertise
Greenfield installation
• Kansanshi Mining PLC, Republic of Zambia
Plant troubleshooting and expansion
• BHP Billiton, Olympic Dam Copper Smelter
• KCM AD, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
• JSC Kazakhmys, Balkhash and Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan
• Areva, Saskatchewan, Canada
• Xstrata Zinc, New Brunswick, Canada
• PT Vale Indonesia Tbk, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
• Anglo American Fosfatos Brasil LTDA, Goias, Brazil
• Nyrstar, Port Pirie, Australia
• Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter, Australia
• Port Kembla Copper Acid Plants, New South Wales, Australia
• Murrin Murrin Acid Plant, Western Austrailia
• Goro Nickel Project Acid Plant, South Pacific Island, New Caledonia
Plant inspection
• Foskor, Richards Bay, Republic of South Africa
• Kazzinc, Ust Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
• Codelco, Chuquicamata, Chile
• Noracid SA, II Region, Chile

Secondary Gas Handling
Secondary gases and dust emanate from sources such as furnace tapholes,ladles, and rotary furnaces. These gases generally contain low levelsof SO2 and minor dust loads but higher levels of environmentalcontaminants. These gases must be collected, and, in some cases,treated, to meet industry best practices and performance. Worleyhas expertise in the collection and cleaning of secondary gases. Ourpyrometallurgy team completes field measurements to review existingoperations, and makes recommendations for
improvements, with minimal environmental impact. Using fieldexperience, the team will identify the optimum collection solutions forvarious secondary sources in greenfield projects.