Minerals & Metals Capability & Experience

Worley has over 50 years’ experience, gained through thedelivery of some of the most complex and challenging minerals andmetals projects across the world. We help our customers to realizetheir business goals by providing a combination of extensive localexperience and strong integrated solutions.
We specialize in new project developments and existing facility upgrades or expansions, across a whole range of commodities.

Global Presence ...

Local Commitment
Since inception, Worley has committed to establishing operations close to our customers’ assets.
This decision is based on the understanding that every asset has ahistory, which needs to be understood. Invariably, each asset is areflection of its leadership team and is supported by a community withexpectations, and operations requiring world class on site services.
Today, Worley has arguably the largest global footprint amongstour peers with 157 offices in 46 countries. We are a stronger companybecause of our commitment to local
operations. Using knowledge gained from each site we are able to refinedesign and project execution strategies to optimally meet ourcustomers’ expectations in an efficient and cost effective manner.
Increasingly, owners in the resource and energy sectors are seekingproviders to service their assets across a region or globally.Worley’ extensive network of offices and proven trackrecord in customizing solutions for local environments has resulted inour recognition as a pre-eminent provider of global framework service.

We’re with you every step
Providing innovative solutions for key customer challenges across eachstep of the mining value chain is achieved through our Select, Deliver,Improve and Advisory services. We understand the implications ofdecisions at every stage and are able to apply world-class capabilitiesto effectively achieve each customer’s business objectives. Fromstudies to sustaining works, exploration to export, we’re withyou every step.

The Mining Value Chain
Exploration & Evaluation
Mineral exploration is essential for the identification ofvalue-creating mining projects and to maintain or expand aproducers’ resource base. We understand that reliable resource
estimation and reserve definition is a key driver for the economicviability of all mining projects. Our geology and resourceprofessionals are experienced in gathering, analysing and
interpreting geological data from various ore bodies, including bothgreenfield and brownfield sites. We can take you from concept toprospect, resource to reserve, from scoping
level to a bankable feasibility study.
Our Exploration & Evaluation services include:
• Prospecting rights applications and engagement with authorities
• Exploration management, inc. core-logging and data processing
• Structural interpretation and domain definition
• Underground and in-pit mapping of geological features
• Ore-body modelling (generation, verification, and upgrading)
• SAMREC, JORC & NI43-101 Code compliant resource and reserve estimates and audits
• Geological and geostatistical modelling
• Ore reserve reviews and reconciliations
• Grade control design and management

Mine Planning
Utilising the latest mineplanning and simulation software we can identify ideal productionprofiles, mine work plans and development schedules to optimise projecteconomics.
Whether it’s optimising the mine management of an existing assetor deciding on the best sequence of development for a new reserveWorley has the technical
and financial experts to help you make the best investment decision.Our mine planners are experienced in evaluating a wide range of miningmethods, layouts and designs, from surface and shallow mining, to
deep and ultra-deep underground mining. This enables us extract maximum value for our customers by determining the most appropriate mining method for a given mineral deposit.
Our Mine planning services include:
• Three-dimensional mine layouts and designs
• Identifying and designing suitable mining methods and equipment
• Preparing Basic Grade, Mining & Financial Equations
• Mine design scheduling, production profile reporting & optimisation
• Mine work plans to complement mining right conversion applications

Our Mining & Mine Development services include:
• Identifying and designing suitable mining methods
• Specifying appropriate mining equipment
• Comparing technologies in trade-off studies
• Shaft sinking – decline and vertical
• Underground cooling – ventilation design
• Safety systems, man and material logistics, rock removal
• High wall design, geological analysis, stability

Materials Handling
We help our customers achieve an optimized materials handling process,from mine to market. By implementing innovative value-add solutionsthat drive productivity and efficiency.
Materials handling is crucial to the mining process and we help our customers achieve an optimised materials handling process, from mine to market. By implementing innovative
value-add solutions that drive productivity and efficiency, Worley is able to help our customers achieve an optimized bulk materials handling strategy; from mine to port, and through to final market destination.
Our teams have delivered specialized module designs for use on various large raw materials handling projects to save on construction costs and reduce on site construction,
resources and manpower requirements  substantially. This allows for both schedule reduction and capital cost savings.
Our Materials Handling services include:
• Conveying systems and slurry pipelines
• Stockyards and stockpile management
• Car dumpers, stackers & reclaimers, shiploaders & unloaders
• Train and truck loading and unloading
• Crushing, sizing and screening
• Supply Chain Optimization (dynamic simulation)
• Supply Chain Optimization (dynamic simulation)

Mineral Processing
Our process modelling capabilities are founded on a deep understanding of metallurgical processes, their behaviours and practical application.
This enables us to produce process plant models that reflect realistic plant behaviour leading to higher recoveries, lower downtime and reduced energy requirements.

Our modelling capabilities include the development of detailed mass and energy balance models, and full process simulations, at varying levels of detail to support all project phases.
From concept level flowsheet development and evaluation, through to optimization of existing operations, we can support all phases of project development. Our suite of process modelling software includes Metsim, SysCAD, HSC Chemistry, IDEAS, UsimPac and various in-house models.
Our Mineral Processing services include:
• Crushing and screening plants
• Comminution circuit design and optimisation
• Grinding circuits (rod, ball, AG and SAG mills, HPGR)
• Classification
• Pre-concentration circuits (DMS, ore sorting)
• Flotation of base and precious metals, oxide minerals, phosphates & RE’s
• Regrind and ultra-fine grinding circuits
• Gravity and magnetic separation circuits
• Dewatering and thickening
• Filtration and drying

Tailings & Waste Management
Tailings management represents a significant capital and operating cost to mining operations. The need for a cost effective, environmentally sound and stable tailings storage facility increasingly requires a multi-disciplinary approach.
Worley has extensive experience in the planning, engineering design and environmental management of tailings facilities, dams, ponds and mine waste dumps. Our technical specialists are supported by multidisciplinary teams to provide our customers with an integrated offering, ensuring environmentally compliant design solutions for systems and facilities, as well as treatment and recycling options, where feasible.
Our Tailings & Waste Management services include
• Tailings Thickening

• Pumping, piping and distribution systems
• Water decant and under-drainage systems
• Site selection and geotechnical investigation
• Seepage and hydrogeological analysis
• Embankment stability
• Seismic hazard and liquefaction analysis
• Conceptual tailings storage facility design
• Disposal option studies
• Life of mine waste management planning
• Regulatory approach advice

Utilising our deep experience in Hydrometallurgy we take the time to understand each customer’s unique challenges, optimise current processes and develop new ones that maximise the efficient extraction and recovery of metals.
We help our customers confront these challenging issues by improved production techniques, supply chain re-engineering, low cost sourcing, and identifying greater efficiencies in areas such as waste minimization, emission reductions and improving social outcomes.
Our core hydrometallurgy team are not only technically strong but also have strong construction, commissioning and operations experience in alumina, nickel, cobalt, copper,
lead, zinc, uranium, minor and precious metals.
The team is focused on delivering long-term value through safe, smart and cost-efficient hydrometallurgical processing applications.
Our hydrometallurgy services include:
• Atmospheric leaching
• Pressure oxidation (POX)
• High Pressure Acid Leaching (HPAL)
• Heap and in-situ leaching
• Bio leaching
• Electrowinning
• Electro-refining

Transport to Market
Transporting product to market in an efficient and cost effective manner is crucial to overall project success. Our integrated capabilities (road, rail, shipping, barging, intermodal
transport, slurry pipelines) enable us to consider all appropriate means of transportation to implement the best  solution for your unique challenges. In addition to getting the end product out of country, emphasis must also be placed on how to bring support equipment and resources into country. Many countries have limitations to their import infrastructure and this logistical constraint is not always sufficiently planned
for when a project is defined. Designing with this end in mind can result in significant value improvement opportunities through for example the use of large scale modularization.
Worley has implemented this approach successfully on Pit to Port projects in Canada, Latin America and Australia.
Our Transport to Market services include:
• Rail – route selection, track design, rolling stock engineering
• Roads and Civil Engineering
• Supply Chain Optimization, inc. Dynamic Simulation
• Ports & Marine – site selection, dredging and reclamation, mooring analysis, jetties & wharves
• Multi-modal transport

Environment & Approvals
By working closely with our customers we convert sustainability goals into tangible business solutions - reducing energy use, eliminating waste, reducing emissions, increasing direct localized economic activity and improving social outcomes.
We achieve this through our unique EcoNomics™ initiative, which ensures sustainability issues are identified and delivered right throughout all project phases in a cost effective manner.
Our Environment & Approvals services include:
• Remediation & Restoration
• Permitting & Approvals
• Environmental, Social & Health Impact Assessments (ESHIA)
• Social license to operate
• Environmental management

Non-Process Infrastructure
The increasing development of remote and isolated mining projects has led to considerable demand for non-process infrastructure. We understand the unique logistical challenges
present in these projects and overcome them with innovative solutions including the use of global procurement and best country sourcing, or modularization and pre-fabrication.

The combination of local industry knowledge with our diverse set of skills means we efficiently deliver tailored solutions to meet our customers non-process infrastructure needs.
And with early involvement in the design, procurement, construction and commissioning phases, we can help ensure the decisions are made upfront minimal operational costs.
Our Non-Process Infrastructure services include:
• Power – generation, transmission and distribution
• Water & Wastewater – desalination, pipelines, water treatment
• Accommodation – construction villages, camps
• Communication & Security
• Fuel Storage, Offices, Workshops, Roads, HVAC