Metropolitan Rail  Capability & Experience

Why Worley for Metropolitan Rail

Worley technical expertise, along with our thoroughunderstanding of rail operations, infrastructure, rolling stock,maintenance practices and rail safety legislation, enable us to provideinformed, authoritative and expert advice to our metropolitan railcustomers. We provide services spanning all phases of the project andasset lifecycle, from strategic and business consulting advice,management consulting on operations, conceptual designs to detailedengineering and delivery management in the three key railway sectors of
infrastructure, operational systems and rolling stock.
Our integrated team of specialists is structured to successfully manageplanning, engineering and project management services for entirenetworks, corridors or specific facilities, including stations,workshops and yards.
We draw on our local knowledge in working with both public and privatesectors to develop and deliver solutions for metropolitan rail in highvolume passenger rail systems, light rail and tram systems, and urbanmetropolitan and metro systems across the globe.

The Challenge

Our Response

Comprehensive Rail Solutions
Worley centres its Metropolitan Rail offering around the following core areas of expertise and capability

Our customers include:
Construction contractors and Suppliers - Infrastructure owners,operators and maintainers - Rolling stock operators - Private andpublic sector - Financial institutions - Development consortia -Regulation and other statutory bodies
A phased approach
Our phased approach to project development and delivery is a globaldiscipline proven to progressively mitigate risk and provide deliveryassurance. Worley is able to apply this approach in bothgreenfield and brownfield metropolitan railway environments.