Environment & Society Capability and Experience

Why Worley for Environment & Society
Global team over 1,000 strong, throughout 30 offices in 20 countries.
At Worley we recognize that environmental and social performanceis critical to meeting core business objectives, such as:
• Maximized access to resources/reserves and production
• Certainty of project delivery
• Optimization of the full value of assets
• Localization
• Future proofed assets
• Safe guarding reputation
Throughout the world, Worley’ environmental and social teams are helping our customers:
• Site, develop and operate facilities, wells, mines and infrastructure with sensitivity to environmental and social values
• Engage with communities to build trust and enable them to benefit from development
• Gain project approvals in least time and with practical conditions of approval
• Achieve leading practice during design and construction
• Demonstrate compliance with international standards
• Seek opportunities to continually improve the environmental performance of operations
• Plan for and execute decommissioning, progressive rehabilitation and restoration projects
Our services include:
• Sustainability in engineering design, project delivery and operations management
• Capacity and global footprint to deliver leading multi-disciplinary services
• Experienced environmental project leaders and teams
• A strategic approach to approvals, government affairs and stakeholder engagement
• Project controls for cost, schedule, safety performance and community engagement
Meeting our customers’ challenges
Worley recognizes that our customers face an increasing number ofenvironmental and social challenges throughout the project lifecycle.

Our consultants have proven project performance and systems to help customers effectively manage their environmental and social risks and opportunities.

Our consultants help customers to anticipate and manage social impacts and expectations, and deliver real benefits.
Social Performance & Stakeholder Engagement
Gaining local community and other stakeholders’ acceptance of adevelopment or operation requires an understanding of the socialcontext, careful planning and community engagement. This ensurescustomers are able to anticipate and manage social impacts andexpectations, as well as deliver real benefits. Building trust andremaining focused throughout development and operation is critical tosustaining a company’s social license to operate.
Failure to gain and maintain a social license to operate can lead to:
• Blocked access to land, shared infrastructure, and resources
• Unstable operating environment
• Increased financial risk and direct costs
• Delayed production
• Loss of project approvals
• Damage to reputation
• Reduced investor confidence

Environmental Management & Approvals
Worley recognizes that our customers face an increasing number of challenges arising from:
• Complex and changing local, national and international legislation and standards
• Increasing stakeholder and community expectations
• Continued resource and energy demands bringing largedevelopments to emerging economies and frontier areas (e.g. arctic,deepwater, unconventionals, mining below aquifers, etc.)
• Increasing focus on climate change

Marine Sciences
Gaining approvals and community support for developments in, andadjacent to, sensitive coastal and marine environments requires:
• Rigorous and defensible monitoring and impact assessment work
• Sound environmental management planning
• Integrated impact assessments with engineering design and project planning
• Effective stakeholder engagement
• Identification of cumulative impacts and offsets

Water Resources
Water resources management is no longer a one-off activity to finda water source and to maintain its supply. The industrial water-cyclenow allows a host of opportunities to be explored and requires moreadvanced catchment management techniques, innovative water treatmentand recycling methods, footprint reduction initiatives and efficiency.
Finding an optimum water supply that meets current requirements, and issustainable over the long-term, requires a detailed understanding ofhydrology, hydrogeology and catchment processes. The constraints andopportunities for water re-use and recycling alternatives must also beunderstood. Our consultants enable customers to make accurate, reliableand informed water resources decisions that are underpinned by expertknowledge in engineering sciences, water valuation, stakeholder andexternal factors and integrated technical solutions.

Environmental Sciences
Terrestrial Ecology
Worley’ ecologists have assisted in the decision-makingand project planning for major energy, resource, land development,community, and public agency customers.
Soil Sciences
Worley’ scientists and engineers have experience inundertaking soil assessments and preparing impact assessment reportsand management plans for major construction projects.

Geographic Information Systems and Geomatics
The acquisition, integration, analysis and management of spatial dataare fundamental to most projects; the ease with which information canbe retrieved, displayed and analyzed is critical to project efficiency.
Geomatics technologies integrate spatial information for projects andare becoming a standard environment in which to collect, store,manipulate, analyze and distribute spatial information.
ProjectSight is Worley’ web-based geographic informationsystem (GIS), and a data visualization and integration platform with aneasy-to-use, interactive mapping interface. It runs in any web browser,and integrates with many different databases and systems via a modulararchitecture. This allows users to create field design cases orderedwithin themes and projects.