Worley Sakhneftegaz Engineering Russian Company

   Worley Sakhneftegaz Engineering operates in Russia from 2008.
At the beginning Worley Sakhneftegaz Engineering) was established as a joint venture with a Russian partner. It complied with requirements of the Clients to ensure the performance of the contract through Russian legal entities.  The company has been reorganised into 100% Worley Russian subsidiary.
Worley Sakhneftegaz Engineering - Russian
company which has all licenses, certificates and permits to operate inRussia. The companie’s registered office is located in Moscow,and is fitted with necessary equipment and devices for projectwork. Worley Sakhneftegaz Engineering activity involveswork performance and projects coordination using its own resources aswell as the involvement of Russian design institutes and foreignspecialist teams. Foreign engineering teams are located in suchcountries as the UK (London), the USA (Houston), Australia (Sidney andMelbourne), Chine, India, the UAĐ• and other locations.

   The company’s operating experience in theRussian Federation is quite substantial. The experience acquired duringvarious project implementation, can be overall applied for any project,performed in the Russian Federation and other counties of the formerSoviet Union, allowing ensuring the upfront project estimated date andwith minor work complexity impact in the present regions. Russiancompany team dealt with design and engineering and acquired great workexperience with Russian design institutes, construction companies andstate authorities.
Knowledge and expertise
•    Access to both Russian and globalengineering resources (WP engineering offices including INTECSEA engineering team)
•     Worley SakhneftegazEngineering possess Project Management expertise and proficiency bothfrom the Russian and Global standpoints;
•     Proven track records of creatingand efficient guidance of the project management teams staffed by theRussian and international personnel