PetrochemicalsCapability & Experience

Frommega projects in challenging and remote locations, to the smallestimprovement project next door, Worley has the capability tosupport our customers as their projects are defined, developed,executed, and operated.

Worley’ petrochemicalsexperience ranges from acrylic acid to xylene. Our worldwide presenceallows us to provide global capability combined with local delivery tomeet the specific needs of our customers through a wide variety ofproject delivery services.
As a technology-neutral leader withspecialists and technologists in petrochemicals, Worley providesservices to our customers beginning with opportunity identification andproject development through detailed design, construction, startup, andoperations. Our experience includes all the major olefin, polyolefin,and other process licensors. Worley provides total solutions tothe petrochemical industry. In providing these services, our customerscan be assured that:
• All available options are considered.
• The chosen solution will support the ultimate business objective.
• Solutions are managed with responsibility and accountability.
•A clear focus is maintained on critical issues such as sustainability,HSE, budget, schedule, quality, operating reliability, and technicalintegrity.

600 + projects in 30countries on 6 continents
40 + types ofchemicals and petrochemicals

Worley has been engaged in the development of 12newworld-scale olefins complexes in six countries on three continents.Feedstocks range from ethane to heavy naphtha. The projects haveincluded conventional crackers and propane dehydrogenation for“on purpose” propylene. Our staff is very experienced withtechnology provided by all the major licensors.

Our polymers project experience includes polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE);
polypropylene (homopolymer, random and impact copolymer);polystyrene;  polymethylmethacrylate, and nylon. As atechnology-neutral consultant, we have assisted in evaluating most ofthe commercially offered technologies.

Aromatics & Derivatives
Critical to the value chain, aromatics and derivative projects make up a substantial
portion of our project experience, including one of the largest ethlybenzene (EB)/
styrene units ever built. Other experience includes aromatics recovery and processing in
stand-alone projects or undertaken as part of various olefins projects, plus linear alkyl

Specialty and DerivativeChemicals
Worleyhas substantial experience with technologies such as linear alphaolefins, acetic and acrylic acid, methyl methacrylate, acrylonitrile,and others from multiple technology providers. We specialize inefficiently and reliably integrating these units into a larger complex.

Mega Projects — PMC
Worleyis a global leader in providing program management consulting (PMC)services for our customers. Projects can range in size from a fewmillion to mega projects, valued in the billions of US dollars. PMCassignments may include FEED and EPC for selected process units orutilities and offsites (U&O). U&O optimizationis animportant, highly developed skill set of our design teams.

Gasification to Syngas
Gasificationunits can play a key role in providing power and steam to a petrochemical site. In some cases, the syngas production has value forchemical production or H2 supply. Worley has global experiencein designing these facilities, and we keep current on industrydevelopments through contact with public and private organizations (USDOE, Gasification Council).

Syngas to Chemicals
Inmany parts of the world, traditional feedstocks for petrochemicals arescarce or being depleted. In addition, a focus on reducing carbonemissions has placed emphasis on alternative sources of everydaymaterials. In addition to coal and pet coke, biological sources areassuming a role in producing traditional products such as ammonia/ureaor methanol to olefins from syngas. Worley is very active inthis development of products traditionally produced from hydrocarbonsources.

Licensor Selection 
Duringthe development phase of a project, Worley can contributesignificantly in final licensor selection. Our experience can helpassure that all aspects of a selection, such as sustainability, subtleenvironmental, energy, or operating impacts of each licensor areconsidered in selecting a process. In projects involving multipleunits, evaluation of unit and utility integration during this phase iscritical to project success.

Ourtechnology-neutral teams assist with project scope and productdefinition, licensor selection, site integration, and optimization ofutilities and offsites. Our experience includes all the majortechnology providers.
Whether our customers have anexisting unit that requires revamping or a grass roots, world-scalecracker that is the center piece of a mega project, Worley hasthe special know-how and experience to make the enterprise a success.Our team brings a unique blend of technical, managerial, and olefinsunit operating experience that is unsurpassed in our industry.
For anew unit, we can manage licensor selection by defining the capabilityrequired from the unit, soliciting proposals from olefins licensors,and critically evaluating the licensor proposal. For some of ourcustomers, we develop a detailed “duty spec” and supporting technicaland commercial requirements for a lump sum EPC bid and contract. For arevamp, we will help our customer achieve the improved performance andsustainability objectives by working with a licensor, if appropriate,to assure that the project is a success. Recent projects involvedenergy improvements and shifting of feedstock, currently a specialfocus in North America.
Worley has developed olefinsprojects in multiple locations around the world, ranging from aridregions of the Middle East to semi-tropical locations in Latin America.Our local presence and global capability assures that we can provideservices to the customer that meet their needs nor matter where thefacility may be located. Worley’ global specialists areconstantly in contact with each other through our petrochemical networkand can quickly deliver needed expertise anywhere in the world.

12 major olefinsgrass roots and revamp projects in the last 10 years
12,450 KTA ethylene capacity in projects executed

Project Olefins Plant 3 (OP-3)
Customer Petrokemya
Project Location Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Worley provided engineering, procurement, expediting, logistics,offshore inspection,
constructionplanning, construction management, and other onshore services for theOlefins III Project, consisting of a grass roots ethylene/propyleneproduction facility constructed within the existing ArabianPetrochemical Company (Petrokemya) Plant located in Al-Jubail, SaudiArabia. Facilities included ethylene (800,000 MTPY), propylene (480,000MTPY), benzene (118,450 MTPY), offsites and utilities, tie-ins toexisting Olefins I and II plants, and ethylene and propylene storagefacilities.
Project JCP Project -Petrochemical Complex
Customer Saudi Chevron Phillips
Project Location Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
TheUSD 1.5 billion Chevron Phillips Petrochemical Complex at Al-Jubail,Saudi Arabia is based on Saudi Aramco natural gasoline as feedstock.The complex produces styrene monomer, propylene, mogas, andcyclo-hexane. The facilities include the world’s largest single trainstyrene monomer plant (715 MTPY). As part of an integrated projectmanagement team (IPMT) Worley provided frontend engineeringdesign, detailed design, and construction management. Globalengineering and procurement activities were performed from eightlocations worldwide with five different construction work sites.Worley served as the site utilities integrator on behalf of theowner.
Project Olefins and PolyolefinsComplex
Customer Abu Dhabi Polymers (Borouge–ADNOC & Borealis JV)
Project Location Ruwais, United Arab Emirates
Worleyprovided program management consultancy (PMC) services for Borouge,also known as Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Ltd, a joint venture formed bythe Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Borealis of Denmark.Worley’ scope included olefins unit licensor selection plusmanagement of the FEED for the polyethylene units and marinefacilities, as well as the evaluation, award, and management of twomajor EPC contracts. This USD $1.4 billion project was completed onschedule and under budget

Project PMC Project Services
Customer Propilsur
Project Location Jose, Estado Anzoategui, Venezuela
This project includes integrated propane dehydrogenation (PDH) andpolypropylene (PP) units, plus
severaloutside site battery limits facilities including utilities, packaging,and buildings. The PDH unit is based on UOP’s Oleflex processtechnology. Based on Basell’s Spheripol process technology, the PP unitwill produce 450 KTPY of homopolymers and random copolymers. Thepelletized polypropylene product will be fed to a packaging area inpreparation for sales to domestic and export markets.

Polymersare the major end-products of the petrochemical value chain.Worley has significant capability in developing world-classpolymer plants around the globe, from feasibility studies all the waythrough commissioning.

Worley works closely with anumber of process licensors and has a wide range of experience in newconstruction, revamps, expansions, compounding, and finishing lines.Our ability to evaluate and work with diverse technologies on anunbiased
basis is one of our key strengths. We have helped ourcustomers evaluate and select the suitable technology to meet thechallenging market of polymers, leveraging Worley’ specializedglobal resources.
Worley has a long and successful history inproviding a full range of project services. We undertake all types ofpolymers projects including, feasibility studies, large capitalprojects, expansions, revamps, and major grass roots installations. Bycombining our expertise in olefin and polymer projects, we provide aunique opportunity to enhance the synergy between these plants thatgenerally form major portions of a Petrochemicals complex.
Having atruly global presence, Worley takes advantage ofmultidisciplinary specialists on any continent to provide a full rangeof engineering services for all major polymer technologies.

15 major polymersgrass roots and revamp projects in the last 10 years
6000 KTA polymercapacity in projects executed

Project Jose Olefins Complex
Customer Polimerica
Project Location Jose, Anzoategui, Venezuela
Worley performed pre-FEED and program management for a newethylene unit and three
differentpolyethylene units. Work scope included full front-end engineeringdesign (FEED) for offsites and utilities work and preparing a ±10%estimate for the entire complex.

Project Singapore Parallel Train(SPT)
Customer ExxonMobil
Project Location Singapore (Jurong Island), Singapore
The overall project is a major ethylene complex in Singapore. Processunits include: 1,000 MTPY
ethylene steam cracker, two 650 MTPY polyethylene units, 450 MTPYpolypropylene unit, 300 MTPY
specialtyelastomers unit, 340 MTPY benzene from an aromatics extraction unit,125 MTPY  oxo-alcohol unit expansion, 80 MTPY paraxyleneexpansion, and 220 megawatt power cogeneration unit.

Project Kemya PetrochemicalComplex
Customer Al-Jubail Petrochemical Company (Kemya)
Project Location Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Worleyserved as managing contractor for the project as part of an integratedprogram management team (IPMT). Project scope included licensorselection for the 700 KTA ethylene unit plus licensor and EPCcontractor management for the olefins unit and a new 215 KTA LDPE unit.An existing LLDPE unit was extensively modified to increase capacity.FEED and detailed design for the modified and new utility and offsitefacilities were also in scope. Multiple international locations wereinvolved in the execution of the project.

Project Ibn Zahr Polypropylene IIProject
Customer Saudi European Petrochemical Company (Ibn Zahr)
Project Location Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Worley executed detailed design, procurement, and constructionmanagement for the Ibn
ZahrPolypropylene II (PP-II) plant. Designed to produce homopolymer andrandom copolymer grades, a previous UOP design was upgraded to produce320 KTA of product, a 23% increase, with no change to UOP proprietaryequipment specifications. Integration with the existing PP-I unit andconsideration for a future PP-III was included. Scope included theassociated utility and offsites required.

Aromatics &Derivatives
Maximizingthe economic benefit from aromatics production, whether refinery orolefin derived, can have a huge impact on the financial return from afacility.

Worley has extensive experience in thedefinition, design, and construction of various aromatics andderivative units.
Aromaticsand derivatives, ranging from benzene to xylene, play an important rolein petrochemicals. Our project experience includes aromatics recoveryfrom olefin pygas, refinery streams, and chemical units that processrecovered aromatics to make
everything from ethyl benzene, tophenol-acetone, to bisphenol A. In a recent project in Saudi Arabia, wemanaged the design and construction of one of the world’s largeststyrene plants.
Other project experience includes linear alkylbenzene, aromatics extraction, and BTX processing. Whether theprocessing system is licensed technology or open art, Worley canefficiently and effectively execute from concept to completion.
Ourteams excel at assisting with project definition and development, alongwith licensor selection, early cost estimation, and project planning toensure our customers’ projects reach full potential.

Projects and Revamps:
• Ethyl Benzene/Styrene
• Linear Alkyl Beneze
• BTX recovery
• Naphtha Feed
• Pygas Processing
• Paraxylene

Project JCP Project —Petrochemical Complex
Customer Saudi Chevron Phillips
Project Location Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
TheUSD 1.5 billion Chevron Phillips Petrochemical Complex at Al-Jubail,Saudi Arabia, is based on Saudi Aramco natural gasoline as feedstock.The complex produces styrene monomer, propylene, mogas, andcyclo-hexane. The facilities include the world’s largest single trainstyrene monomer plant (715 MTPY). As part of an integrated projectmanagement team (IPMT), Worley provided frontend engineeringdesign, detailed design, and construction management. Globalengineering and procurement activities were performed from eightlocations worldwide with five different construction work sites.Worley served as the site utilities integrator on behalf of theowner.

Project Linear Alkyl Benzene
Customer Venoco/PDVSA
Project Location Venezuela
PDVSAand Venoco, a Venezuelan chemical company, examined the potential forproducing linear akyl benzene from refinery aromatics. The project waspartially funded by the US Trade Development Agency. Worleyconducted a licensor evaluation and  completed a project scopedefinition package that included preliminary P&IDs. Followingcompletion of a cost estimate, a complete project economicanalysis was conducted for the potential owners.

Project WRB CRU #3 Project
Customer Wood River Borger (WRB) Refining LLC Borger Refinery
Project Location Borger, Texas, USA
Theproject objective is to build a new aromatics extraction unit (AEU)using existing columns installed to recover benzene and toluene withsulfolane solvent from the reformate produced from a continuouscatalyst regeneration (CCR) platformer. The purity requirements for thefinished benzene and toluene will be 99.90% minimum with toluenerecovery above 95%. Six existing 11ft diameter columns of 50 trays eachwill be used with the two extractors in series. Sulfolane will need onecolumn for the solvent stripper and one for the solvent recovery.Benzene-toluene fractionation will require two physical columns.Finally, Sulfolane will require a wash column, regenerator, and claytreaters.

Project Tacaamol
Customer ChemaWEyaat
Project Location Ruwais, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Worley’assignment includes conceptual engineering and pre-FEED for theChemaWEyaat Complex 1 facility, which is planned to produce 6.6 milliontons per year of organic and inorganic chemical products. The complexwill consist of a number of process plants basedaround an aromatics complex and a naphtha cracker.Primaryproducts include benzene/toluene/xylene, paraxylene, benzene,phenol/acetone, polycarbonate, ethylene glycols, ethanolamines,polyethylene (HDPE, LLDPE), ammonia, urea, melamine, MTBE, andbutadiene.

Specialty& Derviative Chemicals
Worleyhas essential experience in the design of derivative and specialtyunits, ranging from acetic acid to xylene crystallization. Projectsrange from in-plant services to mega projects involving world-scaleprocess units.
Because they are not undertaken nearly as frequentlyas olefins and polyolefins projects, Worley can offer uniqueexperience in the support of these technologies, including:
• Acetic Acid
• Acrylic Acid
• Acrylonitrile
• Butyl Acryl ate
• Butadiene
• Carbon Fiber
• Ethanolamines
• Ethylene Oxide
• Isoprene
• Linear Alkyl Benzene

• Linear Alpha Olefins
• Mono & Tri-ethyl Glycol
• Oxo Alcohols
• Paraxylene
• Parex
• Polyols
• Vinyl Chloride Monomer
• Vinyl Acetate
• Xylene Crystallization

Whetherthe assignment is a concept study, program management for a megaproject, or a full scope EPC assignment, Worley has the globalcapability and expertise to execute these unique projects.
7 recent world-scaleprojects
2170 KTA cumulative productcapacity

Project Acrylic Acid Plant
Customer American Acryl
Project Location Bayport, Texas, United States
Theproject included the full detailed design, procurement, andconstruction management for a grass roots chemical complex at Bayport,Texas. The project included a 120,000 metric tons/year acrylic acidproduction unit owned by American Acryl and a butyl acrylate unitlocated on a site owned by Elf Atochem. The project was a greenfieldplant requiring design, construction, and installation of all processequipment, utilities, and infrastructure to support productmanufacture, storage and  shipment, receipt of raw materials,product shipment and/or transfer off site, and waste by-producttreatment..

Project TOL Methyl Ester andFatty Alcohol
Customer Thai Oleochemicals Co. Ltd.
Project Location Map Ta Phut, Rayong, Thailand
The project objective was to build a methylester and fatty alcohol plant using crude vegetable oils as feedstock. This project consists of two majorprocess areas: methyl ester plant and fatty alcohol plant as well as all relevant offsite utilitiesand facilities, including feedstock and product storage tanks,and loading and unloading logistic systems within the plant compound.The customer utilized licensed technology forboth process areas of methyl ester and fatty alcohol within the ISBLportion.Worley provided assistance to TOLcoordinating with licensors and during the integration of the ISBL and OSBL portions.

Project Polyols
Customer Carpenter Chemical
Project Location Bayport, Texas, United States
CarpenterChemical is a valued repeat customer. Worley executed multipleexpansions for this global Polyols manufacturing company at their USsite. Scope included engineering,  procurement, and directhireconstruction. The projects were completed on-time, on-budget, and withoutstanding safety performance.

Project Sipchem Olefins Complex(SOC)
Customer Saudi International Petrochemicals Company (Sipchem)
Project Location Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
SaudiInternational Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) awarded a contract forits Phase III Olefins and Derivatives Complex to Worley. Thescope of work includes front-end engineering design (FEED) and detailedengineering. The entire complex,  estimated to costapproximatelyUSD $1 billion will consist of a petrochemical complex with thefollowing units: ethylene vinyl acetate (200 KTPY), polyvinylacetate(125 KTPY), and polyvinyl alcohol.

MegaProjects — PMC
MegaProjects are capital investments greater than $1 billion. We haveextensive experience in providing PMC services, developing bid packagesusing liscensor technology, and managing the various aspects of thesehuge jobs.

Our role in mega projects has varied from fullmanagement responsibility while reporting to an owner/contractorsteering team, to providing personnel to supplement owner staff, andeverything in between. In many projects, in addition to programmanagement, we prepare the basic design for utilities and offsites ,complete the detailed design and procurement, and provide fieldconstruction oversight services.
Geographically, our petrochemicalsmega projects have ranged from Latin America to North America and fromthe Middle East to the Far East. Projects range from worldscale olefinscomplexes, to syngas, to chemicals and included specialty andderivative chemical projects. Our mega project customers are a “Who’sWho” in the petrochemical and chemicals market place. We have managedmost of the major EPC companies that participate in this design andconstruction market.

11 petrochemicalmega projects in the last 10 years
59 mega projectpetrochemical process units

Project Olefins Project
Customer National Chevron Phillips (NCP)
Project Location Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Worleyis providing project management, front-end engineering design (FEED),detailed design, procurement, and construction management services fora USD 5.5 billion world-scale grassroots petrochemical complex at AlJubail, Saudi Arabia. By installing what will be among the world’slargest polymer production lines, the customer will become the lowestcost polyolefins producer in the world through economies of scale. Perannum production of the new facilities includes 1,200,000 tonsofethylene; 1,000,000 tons of polyethylene; and 400,000 tons ofpolypropylene.

Project Tacaamol
Customer Tacaamol
Project Location Ruwais, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
This USD 20 billion project in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi willproduce 6.6 million tons per
yearof organic and inorganic petrochemical products. The complex willconsist of a number of process plants based around an aromatics complexand a naphtha cracker. Storage will be provided forfeeds,intermediates, and products as required for operationalefficiency. The site will be provided with all necessary offsites andutilities with power, desalinated water, and sea water provided fromthird party facilities. The majority of the products will be exportedvia the new deep sea Khalifa Port.

Project Sipchem Olefins Complex(SOC)
Customer Saudi International Petrochemicals Company (Sipchem)
Project Location Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Worleywas awarded a contract for the Phase III Olefins and DerivativesComplex by Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem). Thescope of work includes front-end engineering
design (FEED) anddetailed engineering. The entire complex, estimated to costapproximately USD $1 billion will consist of a petrochemical complexwith the following units: ethylene vinyl acetate (200
KTPY), polyvinylacetate (125 KTPY), and polyvinyl alcohol.

Customer Petrobras
Project Location Itaborai, Brazil
ThisUSD $8.4 billion petrochemical complex will include a basicpetrochemical complex comprised of a group of process and auxiliaryunits operating in an integrated manner to convert heavy crude intobasic feedstock-ethylene, propylene, paraxylene, butadiene, and fuelproduct (diesel, naphtha, and coke). The UPB complex will process150,000 BPD (equivalent to 22,164 tons/day) of 19.6º API Marlim crude.Second Generation Units will produce petrochemical products to includepolypropylene, polyethylene, ethylene glycol, styrene, PTA, and PTEgenerated from feedstock produced in the basic petrochemical complex.

Gasificationto Syngas
Ina world of increasing gas and oil prices, petrochemical manufacturersmay soon have to find alternative feedstocks. Gasification to syngasopens up the prospect of sourcing many petrochemicals from all mannersof hydrocarbon resources.

Coal is the most prolificalternative, but opportunities also exist for utilizing petroleum coke,heavy crude residues, tar sand bitumen, refuse derived fuel, and evenmunicipal waste. In a carbon constrained world, biomass will alsobecome an important resource of growing interest, and gasification tosyngas provides ready access to this sustainable energy feedstock.
Themost common applications of gasification involve the partial oxidationof the feedstock to form a “raw syngas,” which is a mixture ofhydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other minor gaseouscomponents. Typically oxygen is used, but enriched air or air can beused depending on the end use of the syngas. It is also the best meansof converting the energy content of the solid or liquid feedstock into
gaseousenergy for downstream use. In a gaseous form, it is now relativelysimple to tailor a “clean syngas” by removing sulphur compounds andcarbon dioxide, as well as adjust the hydrogen to carbon monoxide ratioto suit the downstream synthesis of select petrochemicals. Gasificationnot only reinforces the future viability of petrochemical manufacturebut also facilitates the production of a very pure ideally
suited “clean syngas” for downstream processes.
Worleyhas extensive experience in the design and construction of gasificationprocess units, including associated CO2 capture, compression andpipeline transport, and the range of issues for deep geological storageor enhanced oil recovery.

60 + projects andgasification system studies
235 MW of associatedIGCC capacity

Project Delaware City RefineryRepowering Project
Customer Premcor (formerly Motiva)
Project Location Delaware City, Delaware, United States
Worleyprovided engineering, procurement, and construction services for thisintegrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) 235 MW repoweringproject. Petroleum coke is gasified using twin train Texaco Processgasifiers to fuel two 90 MW GE combustion turbines and two heatrecovery steam generators that supply 530,000 lb/hr 1250# steam to 55MW of existing steam turbines. The project scope also included acid gasremoval, coke slurry feed, air separation units for gasifier oxygensupply, solids handling, and common facilities and utilities.

Project ZeroGen
Customer Stanwell Corp.
Project Location Rockhampton, Queensland
ZeroGen will create smarter, cleaner power and demonstrate theviability of integrating coal-based
gasificationand carbon capture and storage to achieve deep cuts in CO2 emissions.The potential to reduce emissions by up to 90 percent in full-scalecommercial plants will be demonstrated. CO2 from the facility will becaptured and transported for safe storage in saline reservoirsapproximately 136 miles away. Worley performed the feasibilitystudy for this clean coal power demonstration project.

Project High Plains Gasification- Advanced Technology Center
Customer GE Energy
Project Location Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
TheUniversity of Wyoming will own and operate the planned CoalGasification Research Facility and, using GE Gasification Technology,will generate syngas that researchers can use to develop sulphurremoval, coal to liquid (Fisher-Tropsch), methanation catalysts, or anyother downstream technology desired. Also various coals can be utilizedto demonstrate the ability to gasify them, regardless of the coalcharacteristics.

Project ChevronTexaco PCEP
Customer Chevron
Project Location Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States
Thiswas a feasibility study for development of an integrated gasificationcombined cycle (IGCC) cogeneration plant at the site of the Pascagoularefinery using the proprietary gasification technology licensed by anaffiliate of ChevronTexaco. The objective in this phase was to examinethe feasibility of building a reliable and efficient IGCC plant thatutilized petroleum coke in an environmentally friendly manner toproduce high value end products such as hydrogen, power, and steam,while reducing the operating expenses for the refinery.

Syngasto Chemicals
Hydrogenand carbon monoxide are the foundation stones of the synthesis of manychemicals. In locations where traditional hydrocarbons are scarce orexpensive, gasification can offer a non-traditional route to olefinsand petrochemicals.

We remain completely independent inorder to provide an unbiased assessment and implementation of aparticular gasification technology to a customer-selected feedstock.Worley has experience working with all major gasificationtechnology suppliers including Siemens, GE Energy, Shell,ConocoPhillips and British Gas/Lurgi, and others.
ThroughWorley’ Select business line, our concept selection grouputilizes in-house proprietary processes and economic models to conductfeasibility studies and develop front-end engineering and design (FEED)packages. This “gated process” ensures the customer gains maximumbenefit from its early project development expenditure. The breadth ofWorley’ experience means that attractive options can be quicklyassessed and not only matched against the preferred process route, butalso clearly identified in terms of the project’s environmental impactand sustainability.

20 + current andrecent syngas to chemicals project assignments
4 number ofinstalled gasifiers

Project East Dubuque FeedConversion Project
Customer Rentech Energy Midwest Corporation
Project Location East Dubuque, Illinois, United States
The project objective was the conversion of this ammonia fertilizerfacility from natural gas feed to
asyngas feed derived from the gasification of coal and to providehydrogen feed to the ammonia plant. Also included wasproductionof coal-to-liquids using Rentech’s Fischer-Tropschtechnology.ConocoPhillips provided their E-gas gasifier technology.Worley completed the front-end design for the project, whichincluded coal handling and preparation, syngas treatment,power production, and ammonia plant revamp (brownfield).

Project Syngas Project
Customer ExxonMobil
Project Location Baytown, Texas, United States
Worley’scope of services included front-end/basic engineering and planning,detailed engineering, procurement, and construction. This two trainfacility produces 95 MMSCFD of raw
syngas from deasphalter rock(DAR). The raw syngas is delivered to others “across the fence” foracid gas removal and separation for sales. Some design features of asolids feed gasifier were included to facilitate conversion at a laterdate. The project was awarded the National ABC Eagle Award forExcellence in Construction in the Mega Project category.

Project Synthesis Natural Gas(SNG) Project
Customer China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC)
Project Location Inner Mongolia, China
Worleyis developing a feasibility study and providing consultancy,engineering and project management services to CNOOC for a facilitydesigned to produce 4 billion m3 of SNG from 15 million MT of low rankcoal per annum using Lurgi fixed bed gasification technology. Equippedwith 38 Mark IV gasifiers, the project cost is estimated at USD $4billion. The clean SNG product will be compressed and transported toother cities by pipeline.

Project Coal to Chemicals
Customer SinoCoal
Project Location Shan’Xi, China
Worleyis providing project management and engineering services to SinoCoalfor this coal to methanol to olefins mega project. With an estimatedcost of USD $8 billion, the most advanced syngas conversiontechnologies for methanol to olefins (MTO) and methanol to propylene(MTP) will be utilized. Ultimate products from the manufacturedethylene and propylene will be polyethylene and

Oneof the most critical decisions made in any project is the selection ofa process licensor. With over 50 years experience in licensorevaluation and selection, Worley is uniquely qualified to assistin this critical undertaking.
During the early phases of projectdevelopment, owners are faced with a challenging task — receiving andevaluating multiple licensor proposals. Performance characteristics,including factors such as byproduct mix, energy consumption,environmental performance and sustainability, operability, operatingcost, capital cost, and synergy with an existing site or other newunits under consideration may vary greatly between licensors.Evaluating the completeness of a licensor proposal and associated costsis an especially important task.
As a technology-neutral contractorexperienced with all the major licensors, we efficiently andeffectively assist the owner in developing requests for licensorinformation that produce useful results. We assist with the ultimatelicensor selection
by preparing bid tenders such as dutyspecifications, managing the licensor bidding process, evaluating theproposals, and recommending an award.
A licensor proposal, includinga capital estimate, may not include the additional facilities andequipment required to round out a complete facility. Required additionsmay include utilities, environmental and waste handling, buildings(including a control/lab building), site development, security andother infrastructure costs. These additions may add 25% or more to theplant capital estimate. Whether or not third party financing isplanned, Worley’ experience in adjusting scope or estimatingutility, offsite, and infrastructure requirements to achieve a completecost picture can be extremely valuable.
1000Sconfidentiality agreements successfully managed
90 + individualpetrochemical technology process licensors

Project Proyecto de Crecimientode la Infraestructura Petroquímica (PCIP)
Customer Ecopetrol
Project Location Cartagena, Colombia
Thisproject increases petrochemical output using local refinery and naturalgas feedstocks and supplies products to the Latin American market.Ecopetrol selected Worley to coordinate the overall execution ofthe conceptual engineering phase, manage the technology licensorselection process, and support the generation of the ±30% capital costestimate. When completed, the world-class grassroots petrochemicalcomplex will include an ethylene cracker, HDPE, LDPE,  LLDPE,PP,PET units, and an aromatics complex — all world-scale.

Project Sipchem Olefins Complex(SOC)
Customer Saudi International Petrochemicals Company (Sipchem)
Project Location Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
SaudiInternational Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) awarded a contract forits Phase III Olefins and Derivatives Complex to Worley. Thescope of work includes front-end engineering design (FEED) and detailedengineering. The entire complex, estimated to cost approximately USD $1billion will consist of a petrochemical complex with the followingunits: ethylene vinyl acetate (200 KTPY), polyvinylacetate (125 KTPY),and polyvinyl alcohol.

Project JCP Project -Petrochemical Complex
Customer Saudi Chevron Phillips
Project Location Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
TheUSD $1.5 billion Chevron Phillips Petrochemical Complex at Al-Jubail,Saudi Arabia, is based on Saudi Aramco natural gasoline as feedstock.The complex produces styrene monomer,  propylene, mogas, andcyclo-hexane. The facilities include the world’s largest single trainstyrene monomer plant (715 MTPY). As part of an integrated projectmanagement team (IPMT), Worley provided front-end engineeringdesign, detailed design, and construction  management. Globalengineering and procurement activities were performed from eightlocations worldwide with five different construction work sites.Worley served as the site utilities integrator on behalf of theowner.

Project Olefins and PolyolefinsComplex
Customer Abu Dhabi Polymers (Borouge - ADNOC & Borealis JV)
Project Location Ruwais, United Arab Emirates
Worleyprovided program management consultancy (PMC) services for Borouge’solefins and polyolefins complex, including management of the FEED forthe polyethylene units and marine facilities and the evaluation, award,and management of two major EPC contracts. During the evaluation phase,Worley evaluated different ethylene technologies, as it was keyto the award of one of the EPC contracts. The project included aworld-scale ethylene unit with a capacity of 600,000 MTPY, includingfeed pre-treatment, butene-1 production, and ethylene export/importfacilities.

Selectis Worley’ specialist front-end division, focused on projectviability assessment, concept selection, and support for criticalfront-end planning issues and decision-making.

Worleyoperates in all five phases of an asset’s lifecycle with our tailoredbusiness lines, Select, Deliver, and Improve by responding to ourcustomers’ individual needs in each project phase. Select brings realworld experience into the front-end value-adding phases to maximizeinvestment return and underlying confidence.
Select, through its focus on the critical early phases of projects:
• Adds technical definition to reduce technical risk.
• Optimizes the opportunity and maximizes the inherent value.
• Creates the business case and assesses the probable lifecycle costs.
• Assists the customer in securing the necessary approvals and preparesfor the next phase.
Ourspecialists bring a thorough understanding of the total business valuechain including market analysis, financial modeling, technologyselection, greenfield site selection, approvals management, new plantconfiguration, existing plant optimizations, and the development of thedetailed project realization methodologies. The combination ofstrategic front-end planning skills integrated with extensive projectexecution
capabilities and Worley’ technological andcommercial neutrality, differentiates Worley’ Select for thebenefit of our customers

cost estimates forprojects from $20k-20b total installed cost
2,500 + studies per year

Project MMA-ACN Chain project
Customer SABIC
Project Location JuSail, Saudi Arabia
SABICis currently expanding their portfolio of products to move further intothe value chain.Worley was engaged in pre-FEED feasibilityproject development studies, including licensor evaluation, utility andoffsites definition, logistics, and port facilities. Evaluation of sitelayout options within existing SABIC manufacturing affiliates wascompleted. Continuing involvement  includes development ofFEEDpackages.

Improveis Worley’ service for brownfield operations, focused on projectdelivery, upgrade, debottlenecking and maintenance, project portfoliomanagement, and support services to sustain assets and improve businessperformance.
With more than 200 international alliances andlong-term contracts, we have developed a culture and a suite of uniquetools, systems, and delivery methodologies that incorporate industrybest practices to provide a variety of services within the operationphase.
Improve is delivered through an alliance contract andrelationship, is aligned to our customers’ requirements, and deliversvalue-add and improvements to our customers and their assets. Throughour strong, industry-specific knowledge and successful track record ofour performance-based, relationship contracting model, the resultingtrust enables Worley to deliver maximum value to customers usinglocal teams, supported both regionally and globally.
The Improve culture encompasses:
   Integration, innovation and flexibility
   Motivated and enthusiastic people in an integratedteam
   Portfolio approach to sustaining capital programand projects delivery
   Relationships that are transparent, honest, andaligned to drive performance
   Operational excellence while maintaining a focuson safety
   Value Adding and an outcome focus
   Enhancing and optimizing our customers’ assets

10000 + Improvepersonnel
20000 +Improve projects per year
ProjectSite-Construction/Maintenance and Engineering Services Alliance
Customer Sterling Chemicals
Project Location Texas City, Texas, United States
Worleyis providing ongoing project delivery support for in-plant small tomedium sized capital and maintenance projects for Sterling. Exampleprojects range from replacing and upgrading an existing acetic acidreactor with the latest metallurgical developments to simple utilityline replacements. We performed detailed design, procurement,andconstruction for a phenyl acetylene reduction (PAR) unit to promote thehydrogenation of phenyl acetylene to styrene monomer. The PAR unit wasdesigned to process up to 400,000 lb/hr of crude styrene.