Petrochemicals Capability & Experience

Whether you're a small manufacturer or a global tier-one multinational corporation, we have the right expertise in the right time zone, plus a local presence wherever you need us, to ensure successful outcomes for each and every stage of your petrochemical and polymer projects.We have an impressive track record for executing world-class facilities globally. Using the most innovative and cutting-edge cost estimating software - adapted for plant estimating purposes - alongside Worley's project delivery experience, we'll give you predictable results that meet your business objectives.Our technology-led centres of excellence in Houston, Toronto, London and Shanghai support our global offices with top talent, techniques and systems, providing expertise in petrochemical and polymer technologies development and commercialization, design and operation of safe chemical reaction processes and technologies.This includes but is not limited to: synthesis gas based products including ammonia, methanol and their derivatives; ethylene and derivatives; propylene, including on-purpose and methanol based routes, and derivatives; C4 monomers; aromatics; oxides, glycols and polyols and derivatives; chlor-alkali, ethylene dichloride, vinyl chloride monomer, and polyvinyl chloride; polyolefins - solution, slurry and gas phase; alpha olefins and poly alpha olefins; polyethylene terephthalate - bottles and fiber; polystyrene - general purpose, high impact and expandable; styrenics - such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, acrylonitrile-styrene, and acrylonitrile styrene acrylate; specialty polymers including poly-oxymethylene, super absorbent polymers and poly-methylmetacrylate; and nylon 6, 6-6 and intermediates.