HydrocarbonsCapability and Experience

60+ yearsexperience in hydrocarbons industry
Worley has been delivering engineering, procurement, construction managementand project management services to the global hydrocarbons industry forover sixty years.
Our full-scope global project services span theentire asset lifecycle from the initial conceptual phase of majorgreenfield developments to ongoing asset services and brownfieldmodifications projects, both in the upstream and downstream arenas.
Our capability and experience spans all oil and gas extraction andprocessing facility types and our global coverage enables us to providecomprehensive services to our customers wherever we are needed.
Worley continues to grow and expand the breadth and depth of service andgeographic presence we offer our customers. This growth has been theresult of both outstanding organic growth and a series of strategicacquisitions including:
Parsons E&C (major onshore anddownstream contractor) , Colt Group (major Canadian based contractor -specialists in oil sands and heavy oil) , SEA Engineering (specialistsin floating production systems) , INTEC Engineering (specialists indeepwater and sub-sea systems)
The successful integration of theseacquisitions, and the development of a complete suite of world-classsystems and software tools allows Worley to offer complete andintegrated solutions to our customers.
120+ long-term,integrated service contracts and alliances projects
1,500+refining, chemicals and petrochemicals projects

LargeOffshore Production Facilities
Worley’ experience encompasses some of the world’s largest andmost  omplex offshore platforms. Our engineering, procurement andconstruction management expertise is augmented by a full range of navalarchitectural andinstallation engineering services. This has resulted in Worleysuccessfully delivering projects in some of the most hostile marine environments inthe world. We have played key roles in the development and enhancement of over 350fixed offshore platforms around the world 
Floating& Deepwater Solutions
As the worldwide search for hydrocarbons moves into ultra-deep waters,the technical challenges multiply and the scale of the investment required to safelydeliver these projects continues to escalate. Two companies that have been at theforefront of meeting this challenge for many years through both leadership andtechnical innovation are INTEC Engineering and Worley Sea. Our recent acquisition ofINTEC has allowed us to forge the capabilities of these two industry leadingcompanies into a single entity known as INTECSEA.
OffshorePipelines & Subsea Systems
Engineering design and construction management of subsea productionsystems has been one of INTECSEA’s core business areas since the formation of thecompany. Specialized technologies to meet the challenges of high-pressure,high-temperature and aggressive fluids and subsea processing are firmly establishedwithin INTECSEA’s extensive project experience. This incorporates practical design andinstallation technology required for cost effective completion and operation ofoffshore field
development facilities worldwide.
HeavyOil & Oil Sands
As the world’s oil resource is getting heavier, producers worldwidemust adapt to the replacement of existing depleted light oil reserves and production ofheavy oil and insitu bitumen. Worley has over 30 years of experience inprocessing heavy oil from fields located in Canada, Oman, Yemen, China, Venezuela, and theUnited States. We have been directly involved in the design and construction of over3,000 oil sands upgrading and extraction related projects.
MinimumFacilities Platforms
Worley is internationally recognizedand awarded for its development of innovative, lightweight, generic, low cost, Minimal Facility WellheadPlatforms (MFPs). Our expertise provides customers with cost effective solutions that setnew industry benchmarks for both marginal and multi drill-center field developments. 
OnshoreProduction & Processing Facilities
Worleyprovides full scope global project services for greenfield andbrownfield projects across all phases, processes and components of oiland gas production and transportation. Our teams are well experiencedto meet the challenges facing our customers associated with fielddevelopment in demanding environments from the deserts of Saudi Arabiaand Australia to the arctic regions of Alaska and Russia.
LNGLiquefaction & Re-Gasification
Worley’ capability in LNG productionextends from opportunity evaluation studiesand  concept/technology selection, to FEED and EPCM for both greenfieldand brownfield LNG developments. Our re-gasification terminal know-how,combined with our experience in both onshore and subsea pipelines,floating production, storage and off loading systems, enables us tooffer novel approaches to the challenges associated with locating anddesigning and constructing LNG receiving and re-gasification terminals.
Onshore Pipelines &Receiving Terminals
Worleyis the largest global onshore pipelines service provider (Source: ENR).We provide a full range of engineering, procurement and constructionmanagement  (EPCM) services to our customers in the areas ofonshore pipelines, pipeline facilities and terminals, and pipeline andasset integrity.
Worley provides a comprehensive rangeof refinery services backed by over 60 years of global experience in grassroots, revamp, and expansionprojects. To meetcustomer requirements in today’s competitive world, we supplyinnovative, costeffective, and safe solutions. Worley is aleader in designing solutions to meet clean fuels regulations that nowface refiners around the world, including government mandates onsulphur, aromatic, and oxygen content of fuels.
Worley has extensive experience in thedesign of petrochemical units, completing more than 600 projects in over 30 countries. Our experiencein the manufacture or processing of more than 65 types of chemicals andpetrochemicals ranges from acetic acid to xylene crystalization. We work closely witha number of process licensors and have a wide range of experience in revamps,expansions, compounding, and finishing lines. Our ability to evaluate and work withdiverse technologies on an unbiased basis is one of our key strengths.
LargeOffshore Production Facilities
Worley’has had involvement in the development
andenhancement of over 350 fixed offshore platforms
aroundthe world.
Ourexperience encompasses some of the world’s largest and most complexoffshore platforms. Our engineering, procurement and constructionmanagement expertise is augmented by a full range of navalarchitectural and installation engineering services.
This hasresulted in Worley successfully delivering projects in some ofthe most hostile marine environments in the world.
We have played key roles in the development andenhancement of over 350 fixed offshore platforms around the world.
Worleyhas a wealth of experience in the design of large-scale integratedtopsides and their installation by the float-over method. Thiscapability has led to the successful delivery of some of the largest,and most complex integrated decks in the world, including those
of the Bayu-Undan, Angel, Umm Shaif, North Rankin‘Bravo’ and Sakhalin 1 Arkubua-Dugi projects.
Worleyhas an equivalent record in fired sub-structure design and has wonseveral awards for innovative foundation and structure designs, and isan acknowledged leader in sub-structure foundation solutions fordifficult soil conditions.
We are not aligned with a majorfabricator, installation contractor or supplier. This independentapproach ensures the most technically compliant and cost effectivesolution for our customers. Worley maintains a geotechnicaldivision to support foundation design covering through leg drivenpiles, drilled and grouted piles, suction piles/rafts and gravity basedfoundation systems.
350+ fixed offshoreplatforms
Detailed design of asingle floatover topside weighing 23,500 tons
Detailed design ofover 400,000 tons of topsides
Project:North Rankin (NR2) Project, Australia.
Customer:Woodside Energy Limited

The North Rankin 2 Project is the largest current investment offshoreAustralia.
Planned for installation in 2010, the NR2project will unlock low-pressure reserves from the North Rankin and Perseus offshore gas and condensate fieldsand, hence, ensure gas supply to the North West Shelf onshore liquefied natural gasproduction facilities. The project consists of a large new platform (NRB) whichwill be linked to the existing NRA platform and provide gas compression and condensatepumping for the fluids produced from the NRA wells. The NRB platform consists of one ofthe world’s largestintegrated topsides installed by the float-over method. Worleyvia Joint Venture is providing the EPCM services for both the newplatform and also providing the EPC for the significant modificationsto the existing NRA platform.
Project:Bayu Undan Gas Recycle Project,  Australia.
Winner of the highest award in AustralianEngineering; the William Hudson Award for Engineering Excellence and, at the time, the combined 24,000 tonnetopsides represented the world’s largest open-water float-over installations.Bayu Undan is a single gas reservoir, rich in associated liquids and over threetrillion cubic feet of wet gas. 1100 MMSCFD of gas is being produced, along with 100,000 bpdof liquids product, via highly complex of topsides facilities. Worley’initial responsibility
was the completion of the feasibility study and our role continuedthrough the definition and execution phases via the TIGA Joint Venture which executed theFEED, detailed engineering,procurement, engineering support for fabrication, installation, hook-upand commissioning of these remarkable facilities.
Project: Platong Gas II, Thailand.
Customer:Chevron Thailand
Theproject is an expansion to the existing Platong complex, locatedin the Gulf of Thailand. Located in 70+ meters of water, theproject involved installing a new gas processing platform (PLCPP2) anda new 200 bed living quarters (PLLQ2) platform. Both platforms will bebridge linked to existing facilities. The Worley scope coveredconceptual design engineering during the Select phase, FEED, andprocurement services including the purchase of long lead equipment. Inaddition, three new subsea trunklines will be installed to supply thenew facilities with gas and condensate. Brownfield tie-ins and systemde-bottlenecking on the existing Platong Complex will also be undertaken.
Project:Umm Shaif Gas Injection Facilities (USGIF), United Arab Emirates
Customer: ADMA OPCO
The USGIF project is the first phase of amajor redevelopment of the Umm Shaif Field, located in the Abu Dhabi sector of the Arabian Gulf.Worley originally performed the FEED for the USGIF in Perth directly for ADMA OPCO and wewere subsequentlyengaged by HHI to provide Detailed Engineering for its EPC contract forthe facilities. Detailed engineering was executed in various locationswith the majority of the work performed in Kuala Lumpur. The brownfieldengineering for the “tie-ins” was completed in Abu Dhabi and thesub-sea pipelines were completed in Singapore. The project wassuccessfully delivered against extreme schedule demands driven by longlead times on procured equipment, which created the critical path forconstruction programs within the EPC contract.

Floating& Deepwater Solutions
Asthe worldwide search for hydrocarbons moves into ultra?deep waters, thetechnical challenges multiply and the scale of the investment requiredto safely deliver these projects continues to escalate.
Twocompanies that have been at the forefront of meeting this challenge formany years through both leadership and technical innovation in the Gulfof Mexico, West Africa and other deepwater locations are INTECEngineering and Worley Sea. Our recent acquisition of INTEC hasallowed us to forge the capabilities of these two industry leadingcompanies into a single entity known as INTECSEA, thus providingcustomers with a fully integrated deepwater, subsea, pipelines andfloating production capability.
INTECSEA incorporates all thecapabilities within INTEC, Worley Sea and the Worleyfloating systems, offshore pipelines and subsea teams. This allows usto offer customers a full service solution in a range of specialtyareas, including subsea
production, offshore pipelines, marineproduction risers, flow assurance and floating production systemsincluding all types of deepwater hulls, tendon and mooring systems.INTECSEA has a exceptional track record of delivering innovation into amarket that is
one of the most technically challenging in the worldincluding:
• World’s largest FPSO
• Deepest subsea production system
• Longest oil and gas tie-backs
• First 15,000 psi subsea tree
• First electricity heated pipe-in-pine flowlines
• Deepest multi-phase subsea pumps
• First super duplex umbilical
• Implementation of fiber-optic subsea control systems
• Winner of the OTC Distinguished Achievement Awardfor the Marco Polo TLP
• Winner of the OTC 2007 Spotlight on Technology Awardfor the MOSES SSIP TLP
30+Floating Production System (FPS) projects
Projectsto water depths of up to10,000 feet
600+specialist engineers
NTECSEA will provide our deepwater customers with ashorterproject delivery cycle, advanced technologies to enhance projecteconomics, reduced interface management requirements and, mostimportantly, a level of project delivery certainty that only
comes from a highly experienced and unified teamoperating under a single leadership structure.
Project:Gumusut Semisubmersible FPU, Malaysia
Customer: Shell
INTECSEAdelivered the preliminary design of hull and deck, detailed design ofhull structure, consultancy services on naval architecture and mooringsystem design and installation and fabrication support for the Gumusutsemisubmersible floating production unit. This is part of Shell’smulti-billion dollar Gumusut-Kakap oil development project off Sabah,East Malaysia. The production semisub is due for completion in 2010 andfirst oil is expected in the following year. In January 2008, Shellannounced that Final Investment Decision has been taken to jointlydevelop the Gumusut-Kakap field, located in deepwater, offshore Sabah,Malaysia. The development employed the region’s first deepwaterFloating Production System (FPS), with a processing capacity of 150,000barrels of oil per day
Project:Agbami Field FSO Development , Nigeria
Customer: Chevron Texaco, Nigerian National Petroleum Company, and Famfa
In August 2008, Chevron started crudeproduction from its 900 million barrel Agbami
deep-water field off the Niger Delta. Output started at 20,000 barrelsper day through
an FPSO moored 112 kilometres offshore, and will hit 100,000 bpd byJanuary 2009
as more wells are brought on line. The output from the USD 5.4 billionAgbami
development will swiftly increase to 250,000 bpd of crude and naturalgas liquids
before the end of next year. INTECSEA provided the FEED, executionsupport and
interface coordination for the development of EPIC bid packages for anFPSO and
subsea systems including flowlines, risers and export loading systemfor a major field
development in 1,400 m water depth.
Project:BHP Billiton Petroleum (Americas) Shenzi Project , United States
Customer: BHP BIlliton
Shenzi is the largest deepwater GOM projectoperated by BHP Billiton and its second Tension Leg Platform (TLP). BHP Billiton has been an activenon-operating partner on several deepwater fields in the GOM, and the Shenzi developmentpositions BHP Billiton as an operator of a large multi-faceted, deepwater, highprofile project in the GOM. Worley Sea is providing the complete marine and hullengineering services to MODEC, the prime contractor of the Shenzi TLP project forBHP Billiton. Worley Sea’s scope of work includes engineering andengineering management for the design of moorings and deck structure as well asservices including technical support for procurement and construction siteengineering.
Project:Mardi Gras, Gulf of Mexico
Customer: BP
INTECSEA provided design engineering,procurement and project management support services for deepwater pipelines, Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs),piggable wye sleds and associated jumper systems, for BP’s Gulf of Mexicodeepwater developments.BP is developing the Mardi Gras Transportation System (MGTS), which isa system of large diameter pipelines that will transport gas and oilfrom its deepwater fields to shore. The export system consists of gasand oil steel catenary risers that are connected to host spars orsemi-submersibles through flexjoints and which are connected togetheron the seabed through piggable wye sleds with associated jumpers. Waterdepths range from 4,300 to over 7,000 feet in deep-water sections andas shallow as 400 feet at the conventional platforms.
OffshorePipelines & Subsea Systems
Engineeringdesign and construction management of subsea production systems hasbeen one of INTECSEA’s core business areas
sincethe formation of the company.
Specializedtechnologies such as high-pressure and high-temperature, aggressivefluids and subsea processing are firmly established within INTECSEA’sextensive project experience. This incorporates practical design andinstallation technology required for cost effective completion and operation ofoffshore field development facilities worldwide.INTECSEA’s initiatives have assisted the offshore industry to move tosubsea system configurations that are now more modular and allowgreater flexibility with reduced risk. We have been able to validatethese concepts via many subsea deepwater project  applications. INTECSEA’s capability covers:
- Development of field layout and operatingphilosophies
- Assess operability and conduct flow assuranceanalyses
- Develop technical definition for procurement andfabrication of subsea components
- Manage factory acceptance and system integrationtests
- Supervise offshore installation, start-up andcommissioning
- Manage deepwater contractors
4,000 kmof offshore pipelines in the last decade
250subsea pipeline projects since 1998
1st Arctic offshoreoil pipeline
Project:G1 and GS15 Subsea Field Development, India
Customer: ONGC
INTECSEA provided the concept selection, FEED, technical bid evaluationand
recommendations along with the review and approval of the detaileddesign andsubsequently construction supervision for India’s first deepwater field developmentin the Bay of Bengal for state oil company ONGC.
TheG1 project required two subsea pipelines to be tied back to the onshoreprocessing facility at Odalrevu. The pipelines carry production fromfive wells at the G1 field, located in water depths ranging from 881 to990 feet. The GS15 project, located closer to shore in 26 feet ofwater, required the design of modifications to an existing platform toaccept new production, and the design of a new platform. INTECSEA alsodesigned an upgrade of the onshore facilities at Odalarevu to handle1500 cubic meters per day of crude oil and 2.7 million standard cubicmeters per day of natural gas.
Project:East West Pipelines Replacement Project, Brunei
Customer: Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP)
BruneiShell Petroleum Company Sdn. Bhd (BSP) plans to replace 19 agingbrownfield offshore pipelines - ranging from 6 - 12 inch in diameterand with lengths of up to 25 kilometers - that transport multi-phaseoil and gas and gas lift. The existing pipeline network has reached itsintended design life, putting a strain on increasing plannedproduction. Worley was responsible for the conceptual design anddetailed engineering of the project to re-establish a reliable offshorepipeline network to maximize BSP’s short and long term production. Theintegrity of all aged pipelines was to be restored by 2007/8 and amaintenance reference plan implemented.
Project:BP Angola Program PSVM Development, Angola
Customer: Heerema Marine Contractors
The development of BP’s Block 31 assets is based on a program approach;with the first of four  developments – Block 31 North East, consisting of thePlutao, Saturno, Venus and Marte (PSVM) fields, due for completion of detailed design inthe first quarter of 2009. INTEC London office is currently performing thedetailed design for HeeremaMarine Contractors of the Umbilical Riser Flowline 1 (URF 1) scope forBP’s first Block 31 project, PSVM, in its Angolan development program.The work involves pipe in pipe production flowlines and single pipeservice lines, flowline termination assembly and inline terminationassembly structures, subsea floating and seabed founded spools andoversight of the design of the hybrid tower risers.
Project:Mexilhao Gas Export Pipelines, Brazil
Customer: Petrobras S.A.

Petrobras S.A. is expediting the development of the strategicallyimportant Mexilhao fieldin the Santos Basin, Brazil, approximately 160 km off the coast of SaoPaulo. The Mexilhao development will comprise a fixed gas productionplatform, with the gas being transported via submarine pipelines to anonshore gas processing plant for connection to the national gastransmission system. Petrobras S.A. engaged INTEC to provide the frontend engineering design (FEED), installation feasibility analysis,stability analysis and the specification for the construction for thenew 34 inch, 130 km long pipeline that will be installed in waterdepths from 170 m to shore. The pipeline will connect the Mexilhaofixed platform with the gas treatment facilities in Caraguatatuba,currently under construction.
Heavy Oil& Oil Sands
Asthe world’s oil resource is getting heavier, producers worldwide mustadapt to the replacement of existing depleted light oil reserves andproduction of heavy oil
andinsitu bitumen.
Worleyhas over 30 years of experience in processing heavy oil from fieldslocated in Canada, Oman, Yemen, China, Venezuela, and the United States.
Worleyhas designed heavy oil facilities for oil gravities ranging from 6º APIto 20º API. We have designed integrated thermal recovery facilities forheavy oil containing hydrogen sulphide, high paraffin content,asphaltenes, salt, sand, and other inorganic contaminants. In addition,we specialize in Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS), Steam- AssistedGravity Drainage (SAGD) and Vapor Solvent Extraction (VAPEX) togetherwith a variety of other thermal recovery processes.
We are at theforefront of new technology, having participated in numerous researchand development and pilot plant projects, including field-scaleupgraders.
- Designing and installing the first ever Zero LiquidDischarge (ZLD) water treatment system for a Thermal I Heavy Oil Project
- Developing and patenting a Produced Water Treatingprocess that eliminates the need for lime softeners
- Assisting in the development of a small scalegasifier for use in thermal heavy oil operations
-Utilizing a combination of desalination RO and MVC that resulted innear 100% water re-use system in a large Middle East Steam InjectionProject
- Increasing WLS system performance to 20% above itsdesign capacity
Worleyhas been directly involved in the design and construction of over 3000oil sands upgrading and extraction related projects. We have beeninvolved through the full lifecycle of the project including Select ,define, execute and Improve projects. This
experience covers everyaspect of oil sands mining extraction, including dry material handling,hydrotransport, extraction, froth treatment, solvent recovery andtailings technology. Worley has been involved with thesetechnologies from their original concepts through to the advancedtechnologies apparent today.
30+ years ofexperience in heavy oil and oil sands
300+heavy oilprojects
3,000+ oil sandsprojects designed
Project:Long Lake Commercial Project, Canada
Customer: Nexen Inc

The Long LakeProject, a cooperative venture between Nexen Inc. and OPTI
Canada Inc.is expected to produce 72,000 barrels per day of bitumen from
Phase 1,utilizing the Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) process.
ColtWorleyCalgary provided project management, engineering, procurement, projectcontrol and information technology functions for the SAGD portion ofthe project. These functions were critical to the success of thefacility design and project execution. The engineering and design forthe cogeneration plant was executed in the ColtWorley Edmontonoffice. The Long Lake facility, the largest SAGD project in operationin Alberta, drew on our specialist resources to utilize synthetic fuelgas, produced from an upgrading process as the main fuel for the SAGDoperation, which reduced the SAGD operating costs.
Project:Joslyn North Mine Study, Canada
Customer: Total E&P Canada

Total’sJoslyn North Mine Project (JNMP) is a proposed open pit, truck andshovel mine which includes a bitumen froth production and treatmentplant, designed to produce diluted bitumen. Based on an innovativeprocess that reduces the use of tailings ponds, the project reflectsTotal’s commitment to sustainable development. To support thisinitiative, ColtWorley conduct a carbon neutral study. The studyidentified all sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the JNMP;quantified the GHG emissions and carbon reductions that result over thelife of the project; and estimated the costs and benefits of variousoptions for achieving carbon neutrality. Options considered includeprocess changes, fuel switching, carbon offsetting, Carbon Capture andSequestration (CCS) and energy efficiency improvements.
Project:Jackfish project, Canada
Customer: Devon ARL Corporation

Jackfish is a greenfield Steam Assisted Gravity Drain (SAGD) commercialbitumen recovery project near Conklin, Alberta. The Jackfish Project nominaldesign capacity is 5560 cubic metres per day (35,000 bpd) of 8.1° API gravityoil. The scope of the project included four well pads, flow lines and centralprocessing
facilities.ColtWorley was responsible for the FEED and detailedengineering, procurement, fabrication, and module constructionmanagement of the facility. A maximum modularized concept approach wasutilized to reduce construction work in the field.
Project:Voyageur Hydrotreater Project, Canada
Customer: Suncor Energy Inc.

ColtWorleycompleted the Engineering Design Specification (EDS) in 2007 and wassubsequently appointed to complete the detailed engineering andprocurement phase for the Hydrotreaters component of the Voyageurproject. The Hydrotreaters comprise three units: diesel, gas oil andnaphtha. The EDS was completed in 13 months including early purchase ofselected major equipment, which would normally occur in detailed designphase. Design for these large scale units was predicated on maximizing rail and truckable modules to minimize siteconstruction and permit maximum worldwide fabrication flexibility. Suncor’ssustaining capital and environmental (in particular water management) projects have been amajor focus for
ColtWorley over the past four years.
MinimumFacility Platforms
Worleyis internationally recognized and awarded for its development ofinnovative, lightweight, generic, low cost, Minimal Facility WellheadPlatforms (MFPs).
Our expertise provides customers with costeffective solutions that set new industry benchmarks for both marginaland multi drill-center field developments.
Multi-PlatformField Developments.
 Worleyprovides customers with high level strategic planning, conceptdevelopment, detailed design, procurement and construction managementfor major field developments requiring multiple drill-centers throughthe innovative selection of proven technologies and current industryexperience.
MarginalField Developments
Worleyunderstands the challenges of Marginal Field Developments. Suchdevelopments require constant innovation to take them from the initialconceptual brainstorming stage to being constructed, installed andoperational.
RegionallySpecific Knowledge
In-countryinvolvement by Worley through the construction, installation andcommissioning phases over many past projects provides us with anin-depth understanding of regional constraints, allowing a tailoredsolution for local suppliers and fabrication contractors.
MFPKnowledge Base
Worley’Minimum Facility Platform experience has been consolidated into aninhouse knowledge base which includes a diverse selection of platformtypes, operating configurations and geographic locations. Thisextensive portfolio provides the basis
for a range of off-the-shelfsolutions supported by a current and regionally relevant database of‘real world’ project costs and schedule data. Through the use of thesesolutions, project schedules can be significantly reduced.Worley continually adds value to customers by minimizingexposure to changing market conditions, gaining early revenue andreducing risk.
100+MFPs designed and installed
10 +standard ‘off the shelf’ designs for drilling, operational config.& environmental conditions
10+jackup installed minimum facilities platforms

Project:Montara Platform, Australia
Customer: Coogee Resources

The MontaraPlatform is situated in the Timor Sea in a water depth of 80 m.
Weak soilsand a marine environment subjected to cyclonic storms provided
significantchallenges to the design team.
The innovative jacket design consisted of a four legged launch towerstructure removing the need for heavy lift vessel for installation whichdelivered cost and schedule savings to the customer. The jacket design also overcame thechallenging foundation requirements of a maximum of 25m pile penetration. Thedesign solution required substantial analysis to optimize the pile configuration tomaintain an even distribution of pile head load and resulted in a total of nine piles inan optimized configuration at the base of the substructure. The nominal launchweight was 2192 tonnes and the structure was launched base first.
Project:Cliff Head Development,  Australia
Customer: ROC Oil

The offshore portion of the Cliff Head Development includes sixproduction wells and two re-injection wells located on an unstaffed offshore platform on afour-leg jacket in 18 m water depth. The Cliff Head reservoir has a waxy, high pourpoint crude oil and very low gas-to-oil ratio which, along with the requirement tocater for the water injectionrequirements, presented unique design challenges. This was also a fasttrack project with first oil targeted 14 months from start of detaileddesign and procurement. Worley’ design overcame the uniquechallenges associated with this particular waxy crude.
Project:West Patricia Development,  Malaysia
Customer: Murphy Sarawak Oil Co. Ltd.

West Patricia is a small CPP with an anticipated output of 15,000 bblsp/d of oil. It is located offshore Sarawak in Block SK 309 and SK 311, approximately49 km from Bintulu in 40 m water depth. Worley’ Kuala Lumpur office carriedout the detailed design of topsides and substructure. Detailed engineering ofthe facilities was achieved in a limited time frame so that long lead items could beprocured and delivered by the customer in time for the fabricator to install. ThePerth office carried
out a feasibility study into a cantilevered float over technique. Inrecognition of this contribution, Worley was commended during an award ceremony on16 March, 2004.
Project:Multiple Minimal Facilities Platforms, Gulf of Thailand
Customer: Chevron

Worley has designed seven generations of minimum facilitywellheads platforms in the Gulf of Thailand since 1993 with a resulting 45%reduction in the installed cost. In the gas fields in the Gulf of Thailand, Chevron hasapproximately 150 unstaffed wellhead platforms positioned as satellite platformssurrounding the larger staffed central processing facilities. Over the past decade,Worley has
supported Chevron by performing conceptual studies followed by detaileddesign and project management for a series of low-cost, highly automatedfacilities. This contract has helped create a strong relationship with Chevron and a thoroughunderstanding of their business drivers.
OnshoreProduction & Processing Facilities
Worleyprovides full-scope global project services for greenfield andbrownfield projects across all phases, processes and components of oiland gas production and transportation including:
•   Oil/gas/waterseparation
•   Producedwater treatment and disposal
•  Gas andliquids treating
•  Gascompression
•  Gasdehydration
•  NGLproduction
•  Emergencyflare systems
•  Enhancedoil recovery
•  Waterfloodand drill site facilities
Worleyhas specialist expertise to meet the challenges facing our customersassociated with field development in demanding environments includingthe deserts of Saudi Arabia and Australia, the arctic regions of Alaskaand Russia, the remote steppes of Kazakhstan and the jungles ofColombia. Worley has designed and constructed over 400 gasprocessing plants throughout the world that correspond to a totalcapacity of over 50 billion SCFD. The sizes of installations havevaried considerably from small compressor stations to
facilitiesprocessing over 3,000 MMscfd of gas. On both the East and West Coastsof Britain, Worley London office has designed and managed theconstruction of the majority of the facilities processing gas producedfrom both the North Sea and the East Atlantic. Worley customassembles project teams to address specific gas processingrequirements. Successful alliances with vendors and
construction contractors have resulted in project cost savings as highas 40 percent.
200+ oil productionfacilities
gas processing plants
1,300onshore modules/skids

Project:Sakhalin II Onshore Processing Facility,Russia
Customer: Sakhalin Energy Investment Company

The SakhalinII project, one of the largest in Europe, is located onshore and

offshore ofSakhalin Island, a remote territory of the Russian Far East.
The main components include three offshore drilling and productionplatforms, 1,000 kmof parallel oil and gas pipelines, an onshore gas and condensateprocessing facility, a gas liquefaction plant, and oil and liquifiednatural gas export terminals. Following Worley’ completion ofdefinition engineering design, the company proceeded with detailedengineering for the onshore processing facility. Concurrent with thedesign process, Worley prepared the “Technical and EconomicSubstantiation of Construction” and environmental protection measuresused to obtain approval of the onshore processing facility project fromRussian Federation and regional authorities.
Project:Sour Gas Injection/Second Generation Project, Kazakhstan
Customer: Tengizchevroil

TheSour Gas Injection and Second Generation Projects (SGI and SGP) willenable Tengizchevroilto expand their oil and gas facilities on the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstanfrom 13.5 million to above 25 million tonnes per annum. The newfacilities include field gathering system, meter stations, crudestabilization, gas sweetening and fractionation, sulphur recovery,power generation, utilities and associated infrastructure, and newproduct export systems for gas, natural gas liquids, sullpur and crude.Worley and its joint venture partner provided EPCM services tothis vast development program, completing in excess of 125 millionmanhours and 192,000 engineering documents.
Project:Integrated Gas Development Project - Habshan 2, Abu Dhabi
Customer: Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO)

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is expanding the offshore gasproduction from the Umm Shaif super complex. The increased flow will betransferred to a new facility at Habshan. The offshore gas will be mixed with gas fromonshore sources and processedat Habshan, where the acid gas will be removed and the sulphurrecovered in order to meet stringent gas specification requirements.Worley is working closely with GASCO to develop the optimumprocessing scheme before producing the basic engineering design packagefor the sulphur recovery and acid gas treating units at Habshan. Acomprehensive understanding of the technologies available for sulphurremoval enables Worley to select solutions that will deliver thebest operational and ecnomic outcome for projects.
Project:Integrated Services Contract Gas Assets, Australia
Customer: Woodside Energy Limited (as operator for NWSV)

Over the past 10 years Woodside have become a significant player in theglobal hydrocarbons market. Since 1995 they have contracted Transfield Worleyto provide sustaining capital and operations support services to their assets onthe North West Shelf. Transfield Worley was awarded the provision of projectmanagement, engineering and design, procurement and installation services forbrownfield projects, and shutdown and maintenance services for Woodside’s gas assetsincluding the provisionof skilled tradespersons. The scope encompasses LNG, LPG and DOMGASplants as well as associated offshore facilities including two of theworld’s largest gas production platforms and a floating production,storage and off take vessel.
LNGLiquefaction & Re-Gasification
Worley has along history of developing and supporting world-scale LNG facilities inmore than 10 countries worldwide.
Ourcapability in LNG production extends from opportunity evaluationstudies and concept/technology selection, to FEED and EPCM for bothgreenfield and brownfield LNG developments.
Our specific service areas include:
• Receival/slug-catching facilities
• Gas pre-treatment (dehydration, carbon dioxideremoval, sulphur removal and mercury removal)
• Liquefaction
• Utilities
• Storage and loading
• Receivaland re-gastification terminals
• Brownfield projects/modification
Ourre-gasification terminal know-how, combined with our experience in bothonshore and subsea pipelines, floating production, storage and offloading systems, enables Worley to offer novel approaches to thechallenges associated with locating, designing and constructing LNGreceiving and regasification terminals. We have experience in bothconventional onshore and Floating Storage and Re-gasification System(FSRU). Our FSRU design includes:
• Side by side LNG transfer in open sea
• LNG carrier manoeuvrability
• LNG spill mitigation design
• Innovative loading armextensions
Inaddition, Worley has expertise in the environmental and safetysensitivities and approvals challengesassociated with re-gasification developments and wehave atrack record of providing solutions that are acceptable to ourcustomers, government authorities and the broader community.
LNG projects in10+countries
25+ LNG projects
Onshore Pipelines& Receiving Terminals

Worley is the largest global onshore pipelinesservice provider. (Source: ENI)
Onshore Pipelines
Fromlarge-diameter, long-distance transmission pipeline systems tosmall-inch gathering and distribution systems, Worley hasdesigned and managed the construction of over 90,000 km of pipeline,pipeline-related facilities, and terminals the world over. As thelargest onshore pipeline engineering service provider, we havecommitted major resources and effort to ensure our involvement infuture Arctic project work and to assist our customers reachtheircompany and project objectives. With over 1,000 pipeline specialistsand multi-discipline personnel, Worley has the expertise andcapability to work with our customers to develop projects, undertake
all phases and levels of studies, provide expert input to solveproblems, and to execute
multi-billiondollar projects. Worley provides a full range of Engineering,Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services to ourcustomers, covering all facets of pipelines and related facilities. Oursuccess in delivering cost-effective EPCM solutions is a result of ourcontinuous investment in new generation technologies that serve thepipeline industry and the ongoing education and training of ourpersonnel.
Pipeline Facilitiesand Terminals
WorleyPipeline Facilities and Terminals capabilities are a result of over 35years of experience in conceptual and detailed design of pipelinefacilities and terminals. Worley undertakes all types ofpipeline facility projects, expansions, revamps, major grassrootsinstallations, and sustainable maintenance work. The scope of servicesincludes project scope definition and costing, regulatory applicationsand support, preliminary and detailed engineering, procurement, andconstruction management. Our individual project experience ranges fromsmall studies to major grassroots installations.
Pipelineand Asset Integrity
TheWorley Pipeline Integrity group is a key component of the GlobalPipeline Systems capability, specializing inproject management,engineering, design, and integrity analysis of pipelines, pipelinesystems, and related facilities. Our full-scope approach allowspipeline integrity to be developed and implemented in the design or atany point in the operational life of pipelines and related facilities.For new pipelines and infrastructure, integrity begins at the projectconception stage and allows for risk mitigation and long-term optimizedperformance to be built into the final design.
35 years experiencein pipeline facilities and terminals
pipeline specialists
90,000+km of pipeline
Worleyprovides a comprehensive range of refinery services backed by over 60years of global experience in grassroots, revamp, and expansionprojects. To meet customer requirements in today’s competitive world,we supply innovative, cost-effective, and safe solutions.
Wehave completed 24 grassroots refineries including supporting utilitysystems, product terminals and offsite facilities ranging in capacityfrom 5,600 to 400,000 bpd for a variety of products including:
• Gasoline
• Jet fuel
Gas oil
• Heavy fuel oil
• Petrochemical naphtha
• Distillates
Low-sulphur fuel oil
• Oilfins recovery
Worleyhas also provided engineering, procurement, and construction servicesfor more than 70 major refinery  revamp, modernization, andexpansion projects in Australia, Korea, Bahrain, the United ArabEmirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,
Turkey, Germany, the UnitedKingdom, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.Worley has experience in all main refining process technologies,both open art and with most major process licensors. We are alsoexperienced in all ancillary units
such as sour water, gas treating,sulphur recovery, environmental, and utilities. Worley is aleader in designing solutions to meet clean fuels regulations that nowface refiners around the world, including government mandates onsulphur, aromatic, and oxygen content of fuels. We have extensiveexperience with the two major types of clean fuels projects:reformulated gasoline and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
(ULSD). Fromfeasibility studies to facility operations, we have the resources andcapabilities to complete any refinery project using a variety ofcontracting approaches. Many of our customers benefit fromalliance/partnering contracts with us that use integrated engineeringteams to deliver cost and schedule savings compared to conventionalproject execution methods. Of vital importance to this effort is thededication and ability of Worley employees who work hand-in-handwith refinery personnel to meet the project goals of the refinery’smanagement.
25+grassroots refineries
refining projects
55+years refining experience
Worleyhas extensive expertise in the design of petrochemical units,completing more than 600 projects in over 30 countries. Our experiencein the manufacture or processing of more than 65 types of chemicals andpetrochemicals ranges from acetic acid to xylene
Worley provides project management, engineering, design, andconstruction services for many of the leading firms in the fields of petrochemicalprocessing, plastics and resins manufacturing, and hydrocarbon processing. Our petrochemicalproject experience includes the following:
• Grassroots polymer plants
• Grassroots olefins plants
• Grassroots linear alpha olefins plants
• Styrene monomer
• Acetic and acrylic acid
• Polyols
• Ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol
• Isoprene, isopropanol, butadiene, and cumene
• Vinyl chloride monomer
• Hydro-dealkylation (benzene)
• Linear alkyl benzene
Worleyworks closely with a number of process licensors and has a wide rangeof experience in revamps, expansions, compounding,andfinishing lines. Our ability to evaluate and work with diversetechnologies on an unbiased basis is one of our key strengths.
Worleyhas considerable experience in ethylene, base olefins, and aromaticunits. Our track record includes two of the world’s largest ethyleneplants, as well as program management for a USD 6 billion polymerscomplex.
Worley’ broad expertise in handling aromatics rangesfrom small to complex applications. Our aromatics project experienceincludes:
• Phenol
• Benzene extraction
• Xylene isomerization
• Polyolefin modifiers
• p-Xylene crystalization
• Pthalic anhydride
• BTX aromatic extraction and purification
600+ petrochemicalsprojects completed
Petrochemicalsprojects in 30+ countries
Experience in 65+types of petrochemicals and polymers

Worleyhas provided innovative and first-of-a-kind modular solutions to solvethe unique challenges associated with our customers’ projects in remotelocations and harsh environments. Our modularization experience beganin 1961. Since these early days, we have expanded our modularcapabilities to include the design and installation of facilities forupstream oil and gas processing, downstream refining, mining andminerals processing, and chemical industries in over 30 countries.
SourGas Processing
Worley offers the complete range of sulphur managementcapabilities, technology and experience, including sour gas treatment, acid gascleaning, sulphur recovery, flue gas desulphurization, sulphuric acid production and bulksulphur handling and transportation. Globally, we have designed and built morethan 500
sulphur recovery plants accounting for approximately 60% of the world’sproduction of recovered sulphur. These facilities include the world’s largestsingle-train units and apply processes developed and patented by Worley, augmented byprocesses licensed from several other companies.
Worley’gasification experience includes full-scope Engineering, Procurementand Construction (EPC) projects. Our gasification background includescoal gasification and fluid bed boiler plant design and supportservices for the US Department of Energy (DOE), the Electric PowerResearch Institute (EPRI), the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT), anddomestic and offshore private utilities and corporations. Worley has substantial qualifications andexperience in processdesign, cost estimating, and feasibility studies for greenfield andrepowering applications. Our background includes over 30 IGCC projectsworldwide.
CarbonCapture & Sequestration
Worley - Schlumberger Global Alliancefor Carbon Capture and Sequestration
(CCS) offers the following services:
• Capture and removal
• Compression/dehydration
• Pipeline transport
• Compression and injection
• Subsurface engineering
Mooring& Riser Analysis
Engineering design and construction management of marine terminalsstarted as a
logical extension of INTECSEA’s marine pipeline activities when it wasdetermined
thatthere was a need for specific engineering requirements related tomarine terminal site selection, terminal system design, systemperformance specifications and component sizing of tanker mooringfacilities often associated with marine terminals.Today INTECSEA’sexpertise covers Single Point Mooring (SPM) and Conventional BuoyMooring (CBM) terminals, fixed tanker berths and associated onshorefacilities. This has created a capability for unbiased evaluation ofalternate marine terminal options, and subsequent implementation oftotal project services from concept through commissioning for theselected marine terminal type.
LargeFloatover Installation
Worley has a proven track record in the design of largeintegrated topsides exceeding 25,000 tonnes installed weight. We are fully conversant withthe detailed design challenges associated with large integrated topsides and thecritical items requiring specific consideration including:
• Installation methodology
• Weight and center of gravity estimation and control
• Drilling facilities design and integration
Arctic& Harsh Environments
INTECSEA and Worley are world leaders in the design andconstruction of oil and gas production facilities located in remote, hostileenvironments. Innovative and first-of-a-kind solutions have consistently been implemented tosolve the unique problems associated with revamp, modernization, and grassroots projectsin these environments. Worley currently has in excess of 800 personnelpermanently stationed in Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay Alaska.
INTECSEA is fully qualified to assist customers in all aspects of thedesign of complete production systems including thermal-hydraulic simulations;hydrate prediction, inhibition, and remediation; production chemistry issuessuch as wax and as asphaltene deposition; slug prediction and slug catcher sizing andproduction/flow system operability. At INTECSEA, production system design, andparticularly flow assurance, embodies a whole system approach. Design and operation ofthe system
are inexorably linked and must be treated as such throughout the designprocess.
Cost& Schedule Analysis
Local and regional industry experience enables Worley to accessrelevant project data to deliver results that are both accurate and dependable.
• Rapid ‘order of magnitude’ cost screening to determine relative costs
• CAPEX estimating and OPEX modeling
• Project realization strategy
• Cost and schedule risk analysis
• Cost and schedule benchmarking
ProjectReview & Risk Assessment
Worleyis able to draw on the diverse skill set available within theorganization to provide strategic advice and financial analysis forprojects early in the development cycle, these include:
• Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment
• Risk management strategy development
• Independent project assessment
• Peer review
• Benchmarking
Select - Front End Services
Decisions madeduring the early stages of an investment have the greatest impact onthe ultimate business outcome.
Selectis an integral part of the Worley’ global Hydrcarbons projectdelivery capability. Selectprovides consulting services to asset owners, operators, investors andfinanacial institutions by utilizing Worley’ extensive ‘realworld’ experience in total project
delivery and planet operation.Drawing from this experience base enables our customers to be confidentthat the crirical decisions made during the strategic planning stagesof the project will support their ultimate business objectives.
Select offers ourcustomers ready access to:
• Intellectual capital held by experienced industry leaders
Strong planning,financial and technical competencies throughout the business value chain
Innovativeand creative thinkers to assist our customers in identifying,evaluating, screening and pursuing strategic opportunities
A regionallyrelevant focus matching our customer’s business model and the economicframework of the market region
Tailoredcustomer workshops and training programs
major greenfields and assetoptimization studies performed
40 yearsexperience in total project realization from pre-feasibility tostart-up and operate
Project: Muzhil FieldDevelopment,Egypt
Customer:PETZED Investment & Project Management Ltd
The Muzhiloil field is located on the eastern side of the Gulf of Suez
approximately6 km offshore southeast of Abu Rudais, and is one of six
concessionsPETZED is pursuing in the region.
WorleyCairo, in conjunction with the Bangkok office, performed the Select phase services, assessing various options to develop a fasttrackproject to meet PETZED’s schedule objectives. Following projectsanction our involvement continued through to full FEED and detailedengineering. Worley’ Select phase outcome determined a jack uprig installation was feasible which ensured a shorter project scheduleand better economics. Since PETZED has a long term contract with thejack up drill rig contractor it was able to optimize the new platforminstallation schedule and the benefit from jack up rig costs beingapproximately one quarter of the alternative lifting barge option.
Improve - Asset Services
Worley Improve is a core service for Brownfield operationsfocused on the delivery of:
• Major projects
• Upgrade, de-bottlenecking and maintenance projects
• Project portfolio management and support services to sustain assetsand improve business perfromance
Usingthe knowledge accumulated over 120 international alliances or long-termcontracts, we have developed a culture and suite of:
Unique tools
Deliverymethodologies that incorporate industry best practice.
Wehave strong industry-specific knowledge and a track record of successusing our performance-based, relationship contracting model. The trustthat this generates enables Worley to deliver maximum value tocustomers using local teams, supported both regionally and globally.
Worleyhas approximately 9,000 personnel working in over 120 alliancesexecuting more than 20,000 project annually with a capital value of USD4 billion. Our Improve projects and asset services activities generatedan estimated total value to our customers in excess of USD 6 billionlast year. Project execution in a brownfield environment requires adifferent set of skills to cope with the greater complexity of makingchanges to an operating plant. Communications to all projectstakeholders are essential to minimize the impact to production, andavoid introductory new problems. Broad understanding of the underlyingprocess through operational experience, coupled with brownfieldestimation skill and shutdown planning leads to projects that arebetter defined and aligned with the anticipated business outcomes.Worley workshare systems ensure that relevant expertise cancontribute to projects regardless of their location.
Improve personnel
20,000projects executed annually
Project: Maintenance EngineeringServices for Technical Integrity Restoration, Malaysia
Customer: Sarawak Shell Bhd (SSB)

Followingexperience from the UK North Sea, Sarawak Shell Bhd (SSB) embarked on acomprehensive condition assessment of all its facilities.
SSBengaged Ranhill Worley through the award of a three year Improvestyle maintenance and engineering services contract to assist with therefurbishment program. Under this contract, our existing service to SSBwill be extended from only an engineering design service to includeasset management, technical integrity, construction and maintenanceplanning and management and a range of specialist
engineeringservices. This contract along with an existing long term Miri designoffice contract with SSB is anticipated to require up to 200 personnelin Miri and a further 50 in Kuala Lumpur.
EcoNomicsTMDelivering Profitable Sustainability
Worleyutilizes EcoNomics™ to identify and deliver more sustainable projects,assisting our customers to manage the risk and respond to their rapidlychanging business environment.
EcoNomics™ is Worleymajor service offering for customers who are concerned about improvingthe overall sustainability and long term profitability of theirprojects and operations, fully embedding environmental, social andfinancial sustainability in the identification, selection anddelivery of projects. Project identification and selection integratesWorley’ EcoNomics™ assessment methodology, including our suiteof proprietary assessment tools as well as our global network ofleading engineering and technology capabilities. What is unique aboutthis approach is the ability to monetize the value of all internal(project), external (environmental and social) and risk factors,allowing projects to be compared on a like for like dollar value basis.The external issues which can now be included in this detailed economicmodel include climate change and greenhouse gas emissions (i.e. priceof carbon), water resource use and protection, loss of ecologicaldiversity, social amenity and growth and a whole range of other commonresources. In addition, we are able to model future changes in resourcecosts such as energy and water to assess the affects on projectdecision making.
EcoNomics™ is embedded in Worley ProjectManagement Process (WPMP), and projects are delivered by an integratedproject team, which has been trained in EcoNomics™ and is empoweredthrough the identification of sustainability targets for a project.Typically it is rounded with specific EcoNomics™ specialists selectedto add value to the project.
contaminated sites investigated
375,000tons per year SO2 reduction
Project: Cairo Oil RefineryCompany Refinery Expansion Project., Egypt
Customer:Egyptian Refining Company (ERC)
The ERC isupgrading the existing Cairo Oil Refining Company (CORC) refinery
at Mostorod,Egypt.
Worleywas awarded a program management services contract for the engineering,procurement and construction phase of the project in April 2007. InMarch 2008, ERC commissioned a multi-discipline team led byWorley to conduct Environmental and Social Impact Assessment forthis project. Delivering profitable sustainability is core to theWorley EcoNomics™ approach. In this case the pragmaticidentification and mitigation of environment and social impacts hasdelivered a refinery which will produce products extremely valuable tothe Egyptian economy, eliminate the emission of 93,000 tpa of sulphurcurrently emitted to the atmosphere, and provide temporary and permanent local employment opportunities forresidents in Cairo, during construction and operation.