Arctic & Cold Climate Capability & Experience

WorleyParsons Group offers customers a single integrated project delivery service, from wellhead to market, for the most challenging offshore Arctic developments. Our comprehensive global footprint enables us to provide experience and knowledge from cold climate projects around the world for our customers in local project delivery.
WorleyParsons and INTECSEA are world leaders in concept selection, design and construction of oil and gas production facilities located in remote, hostile environments.
Cold climate environments pose unique challenges that must be addressed in all phases of the asset lifecycle, from evaluation studies and concept and technology selection,
through front-end engineering design (FEED), detailed engineering, procurement and construction management. Succeeding in the Arctic requires a comprehensive
understanding of these challenges as they relate to engineering and design, construction, operation and safety considerations.
Our knowledge and EPCM capability in the Arctic has evolved over more than 65 years of pioneering cold climate programs. Today, WorleyParsons and INTECSEA possess
unparalleled concept-to-completion expertise, and bring first-of-a-kind solutions to our customers all over the world to ensure optimal returns on investment.
Risk mitigation begins in the Select phase, where decisions have the greatest impact on business outcomes. In Deliver, unique design aspects for Arctic conditions include
analysis of the potential effects of Arctic-specific environmental loadings (ice scour, strudel current scour, permafrost), and the effective use of limit state design for
extreme loading conditions. Strategies such as modularization and workshare are
utilized to reduce cost and minimize schedule.
In the Improve phase we build synergies with our customers through longterm relationship-based alliances. Innovation results from collaboration between WorleyParsons and our customers and is necessary in the continuing development of Arctic oil and gas fields.
From feasibility studies to facility operations, from onshore processing to subsea pipelines, offshore topsides and LNG, WorleyParsons has the resources and capabilities
to deliver Arctic and cold climate projects in any phase.

Capability overview
Arctic Modularization
A modular approach to projects in remote environments has proven to reduce overall cost and mitigate on-site risk. WorleyParsons has over 65 years of experience in Arctic modularization of both sealift and truckable modules including interface management. Our unique expertise combines cost and schedule optimization for modular build based on size and weight while considering engineering, procurement, transportation and installation time frames.
Logistics and Installation
The construction season in remote and cold climate locations can be as brief as ten weeks. WorleyParsons has logistics and installation experience on remote sites countering the challenges of frozen sea, ice-bound ports and permafrost for large float-overs. Our key differentiator is the ability to achieve overall schedule improvements through value-based planning and management.
Mega-Project Delivery
WorleyParsons has an excellent track record in mega-project delivery and major field development through our FEED, EPCM and PMC services. In the last five years, WorleyParsons has successfully delivered mega-projects in the Arctic with a total installed cost value of over US$20 billion. We deliver in remote locations and operations, as demonstrated on our signature mega-projects in Sakhalin Island, the Alaskan North Slope, offshore Canada and land-locked Kazakhstan.
Local Engagement
Deep local knowledge combined with global capability is essential to succeed in delivering and executing projects in cold regions. Through our global footprint and location-based businesses our customers benefit from our extensive experience in permits, regulatory affairs, localization and local community involvement.

Offshore Development
WorleyParsons has delivered topsides solutions in some of the world’s most challenging geographies. Our market leadership in cold climate topsides development combines our 50 year history of engineering for fixed and floating production facilities with our Arctic expertise. WorleyParsons has been involved in many of the Arctic’s currently operating offshore projects, including some on Sakhalin Island and the Alaskan North Slope.
Subsea Production and Pipelines
Unique pipeline design aspects for Arctic conditions include analysis of the potential effects of Arctic-specific environmental loadings, and the effective use of limit state design for extreme conditions. Evaluation of these challenging conditions and use of advanced subsea system design philosophies have been successfully used by INTECSEA, which has executed the only offshore oil pipeline in the United States Arctic and completed recent projects with flowline bundles to manage the considerable thermal challenges.
Ice and Permafrost Engineering
Constant ice is a significant challenge of Arctic engineering. At WorleyParsons, we have developed well-defined ice design criteria for all structures, pipelines and foundations for onshore and offshore applications. We have experience in ice modelling and impact analysis for weight loading and ice scour movement predictions. Through INTECSEA, WorleyParsons has completed and executed innovative foundations for permafrost conditions.
Onshore Development
Our onshore experience covers Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and Alaska. We have developed a niche capability in onshore gas processing and toxic gas reinjection at high pressures. Our global leadership in this area is based on over 5000 projects for Arctic onshore in both greenfield and brownfield developments.
Environment and Society
Environmental management and social responsibility is a key issue for the Arctic sector. WorleyParsons is able to provide customers a complete approach for unique interfaces with natural, physical, social, cultural, regulatory and built environments - wherever the asset is developed and operated. Our consultants help our customers to effectively engage with communities, site, develop and operate their assets with a sensitivity to environmental values, successfully gain project approvals, and seek opportunities to continually improve the environmental performance of operations.

Infrastructure challenges may pose significant threats to a project’s success. WorleyParsons’ Infrastructure sector offers complete solutions for resource, energy and urban markets. The service offering covers environmental and restoration services, development of water, rail and port assets, power generation (across coal, gas, renewable and nuclear) and transmission. As we do for our hydrocarbons activities, WorleyParsons supports our customers across the asset lifecycle, from pre-feasibility, delivery, through to asset management, operation and maintenance.
Select Arctic & Cold Climate
Decisions made during the initial stages of a project have the greatest impact on the ultimate business outcome. WorleyParsons’ strategic front-end planning skills, integrated with our project execution capabilities and technological neutrality, provide customers with solutions that reduce risk and optimize results.
Cold climate projects are among the riskiest projects in the industry, especially as owners pursue resources in the deep waters of the Arctic Circle. It’s important to mitigate these risks in the earliest stages of a project through the identification and evaluation of project options, and with a partner that has a strong history of project execution.
Leveraging our extensive experience in total project delivery, asset operation and industry best practice, WorleyParsons’ Select business line provides pre-FEED services to asset owners, operators and investors. Our specialists have a thorough understanding of the Arctic business value chain including market analysis, financial modelling, technology selection, greenfield site selection, approvals management, new plant configuration, existing plant optimizations and the development of the detailed project realization methodologies.
We also offer investment advice with accurate and reliable development cost and schedule services. Key decision support packages are developed to decrease risk and provide the economic basis to attain project sanction.
Select encompasses both greenfield and brownfield developments. Our greenfield services include strategic planning, opportunity evaluation, and site, concept, and technology selection for major and marginal new field opportunities. We offer brownfield optimization services which deliver solutions such as cost effective increases in production and whole-of-life return from existing facilities.
Deliver Arctic & Cold Climate
Arctic reserves are now more accessible than ever for effective hydrocarbons facilities, but, like every new market, the Arctic brings unique risks in the form of hostile weather conditions and remote location execution making Arctic delivery an enormous challenge.
WorleyParsons leverages our extensive experience and capability in Arctic project delivery to mitigate risk and increase delivery certainty for our customers. Our more than 65 years of experience on over 5,000 projects for onshore and offshore developments extends from the unexplored eastern territories of Russia, Norway, Kazakhstan and Greenland to the more regulated western territories of northern Canada and Alaska. This experience provides a foundation of knowledge accumulated from around the world to deliver our customers’ project safely and efficiently, allowing owners and producers to focus on revenue-producing activities.
Modularization & Logistics
By nature, cold climate projects are in remote locations where there are challenges associated with construction access, logistics and a shortage of local skilled labor. WorleyParsons promotes a modular approach in these situations, which has proven to significantly reduce engineering manhours, materials cost, schedule, industrial relations risks and environmental impact.
WorleyParsons is a recognized global leader in modularization in all sectors, with experience spanning from the North Slope of Alaska to the Caspian region and the remote North West Shelf of Australia. Combined with our Arctic knowledge, this ensures projects are delivered at the optimal cost and schedule.

Long-term relationships
Using the knowledge accumulated from over 275 international alliances or long-term contracts, we have developed a culture and a suite of unique tools, systems and delivery methodologies that incorporate industry best practice to drive innovation, efficiency and performance.
Improve Arctic & Cold Climate
WorleyParsons has been involved in several long-term relationships in the Arctic for operational excellence, asset management and production enhancement. Our Improve projects are aimed at maintaining the integrity of the operating asset and creating business improvements to operate more effectively.
WorleyParsons’ Improve business line specializes in providing long-term, performance based asset management services including brownfield projects and delivery of ongoing project portfolios. We have been involved in business improvement and operations and maintenance support to ensure the integrity of numerous Arctic projects.
We add value to our customers’ projects by leveraging our local knowledge and capabilities with global resources and systems. Through our unique business model we are able to increase the breadth and depth of capabilities brought to each project, ensuring long-term sustainability for each investment.
Master Engineering Services Contract

WorleyParsons has a long-term alliance with BP Exploration Alaska to provide engineering services to support their
projects and operations groups. The scope of work includes engineering design, drafting and documentation support;
construction support and as-built; project coordination; procurement support; and project management services
for all BP Exploration Alaska’s North Slope assets. Work has been executed both locally and through workshare, utilizing
expertise from the Canadian offices in Sarnia, Edmonton, and Calgary as well as Arcadia, California. Together BP and
WorleyParsons have achieved continuous 2 million safe hours worked while reducing engineering costs through the
relocation of staff from the North Slope to Anchorage.
Local project delivery

Global experience

Proven performance
Goliat Riser and Flowline

ENI Norge’s Goliat field is located 85 km offshore on the Barents Sea. Water depth at Goliat ranges from 325 m to 390 m. The Goliat field will be developed using subsea templates tied-back to a new Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit.
A total of eight subsea templates are spread over five field site locations. The FPSO riser system will comprise 10 base case flexible risers and umbilicals, plus 10 spares. INTECSEA’s scope of work included concept selection for riser and flowlines, lay-out development, design of riser systems, on-bottom flowlines, gas export pipeline, direct electrical heating system, development of installation methodology, project schedule estimate and cost estimate.
MacKenzie Gas Pipeline Project

The MacKenzie Gas Pipeline project consists of a 1221 km long, 762 mm diameter gas pipeline and a 470 km long, 323.9 mm NGL pipeline. WorleyParsons was contracted to undertake conceptual engineering, pre-FEED, FEED, engineering and licensing services for this mega-project, which has a total installed cost of US$13 billion. In addition, the scope of work included cathodic protection design, cost estimation, external coating selection, corrosion management, inspection services for the long distance pipeline operation with a high pressure chilled gas stream.
Second Generation / Sour Gas Injection (SGI) Project

The objective of the SGI project is to expand oil and gas handling facilities located on the Caspian Sea from 13.5 to 25 MM tonnes per year. WorleyParsons was contracted for conceptual engineering, pre-FEED, FEED and EPCM services. The early phase of the project operated under a rigid methodology of creating innovative ideas. The project site has an extremely harsh climate with temperatures varying from -40°C to +40°C, but the biggest challenge faced on the project was the delivery of over 100 large modular equipment items from around the world. Shallow draft vessels and barges were used to transport modules through the Volga Don River during the open weather window from April to November.

Proven performance

Point Thomson Initial Production System

WorleyParsons provided services for phase one of the EPC for ExxonMobil’s Point Thomson Initial Production System located along the Beaufort Sea on the North Slope of Alaska, approximately 60 miles east of Prudhoe Bay. The project includes gas processing facilities producing 10,000 barrels per day of gas condensate, infrastructure and an export pipeline.
Kashagan East Field Development Program

WorleyParsons provided concept, pre-FEED, FEED, detailed design engineering and PMC services for Agip KCO’s Kashagan East Field Development Experimental Program. The development comprised a combination of offshore and onshore processing facilities with associated offsites and utilities, trunklines and export pipelines. Offshore scope included artificial islands, modularized ancillary equipment and modularized barge-based process and utilities plant. Key challenges included harsh climate, high hydrogen sulphide content, very high reservoir pressure (780 bar), shallow water (4-6 m) and environmental sensitivities.

Shtokman Phase 2 & 3

This project site is characterized by harsh environmental conditions like sea ice, icebergs, winter darkness and severe Arctic storms. Through INTECSEA, WorleyParsons performed FEED for the subsea production systems with tie-backs and flexible risers for the floating production facilities. The selected concept was based upon a ship-shape FPSO capable of withstanding the conditions that may occur at the site, and topsides capable of processing 70 million cubic meters per day of gas plus associated liquids. Produced gas will be conditioned on board the floating topsides and transported through subsea pipelines to the mainland.

Karachaganak Field

Agip, Lukoil, Texaco, and British Gas signed a production sharing agreement with Kazakhstan, and created Karachaganak
Petroleum Operating BV in 1997,a wholly owned company for the specific development of the Karachaganak field. The scope
was to construct new facilities and expand existing facilities to allow the export of six million tonnes per year of sweetened
stabilized condensate to the Caspian Pipeline Consortium by the middle of 2003. WorleyParsons was awarded the construction management support services contract in relation to the above, integrated into the customer’s organization.
The work was executed in our UK and Kazakhstan offices.

Zhambay Block Visualization

WorleyParsons was contracted by Repsol to provide a visualization study for drilling operations as part of the Edil North and
Karabulak Development Plan. The severe winter climatic conditions coupled with the very shallow water depth in the
Zhambay block makes the use of conventional onshore and offshore equipment difficult. WorleyParsons team evaluated
several alternative facility concepts, with alternative subsea architectures and screened these options for the severe winter
conditions, as well as assessing the restrictions and protection of the local eco-system.

Rosebank Development

Rosebank Field is located in approximately 1,130 meters of water northwest of the Shetland Islands in a very harsh environment. WorleyParsons Group completed an extensive pre-FEED of the entire facilities for Rosebank including topside, hull, marine, mooring, subsea and gas export systems. A class 2 cost estimate and level 2 EPCI schedule were also developed to support Chevron approvals. WorleyParsons developed a United Kingdom compliant, fully integrated 3D FPSO model using PDMS showing details of the topside’s process, utilities, hull, marine turret, mooring and offloading systems. We are currently undertaking the
FEED of the FPSO, complete with topside, mooring and riser systems and associated subsea systems.